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Sitecore Managed Services

What if there was a way to quickly build a multi-talented team of Sitecore experts, who are ready and willing to respond to every request, and fully capable of helping you get the most value from your Sitecore investment?

There is, and it’s called Sitecore Managed Services by Engagency.

We build you a complete team of Sitecore experts dedicated to supporting, maintaining, and optimizing your solution, and we’re all based here in Austin, TX. Think of Engagency as an extension of your in-house team—only we’re a lot easier to hire, manage, and retain.

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How Sitecore Managed Services Work

You buy a bucket of hours, and we bring you a team of Sitecore experts and over a decade of Sitecore experience.

When it comes to Sitecore Managed Services, we take a bit of an agile approach.

You’ll get a dedicated Project Manager and they’ll work with you to update and prioritize a list of things you want to get done, which will then be organized into two week “sprints”. You’ll work directly with our friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable Sitecore architects, developers, support engineers, trainers, UX designers, and content managers. You’ll get weekly or bi-weekly progress reports, status updates, and feedback from the team. You’ll have regularly scheduled cadence calls to talk through what was completed and to prioritize items for the next two week “sprint”.

Tier 1 Managed Services
Our Tier 1 Managed Services Plan gives you 80 hours of enhancements, training, and support per month, and 1st priority response times between 9-5 CST Monday-Friday.
Price: $14,000/mo.
*assumes 1-year contract
Tier 1 Sitecore Managed Services
Tier 2 Managed Services
Our Tier 2 Managed Services Plan gives you 60 hours of enhancements, training, and support per month, and priority response times between 9-5 CST Monday-Friday.
Price: $10,500/mo.
*assumes 1-year contract
Tier 2 Sitecore Managed Services
Tier 3 Managed Services
Our Tier 3 Managed Services Plan gives you 50 hours of enhancements, training, and support per month, between 9-5 CST Monday-Friday.
Price: $8,750/mo.
*assumes 1-year contract
Tier 3 Sitecore Managed Services
5 Benefits of Sitecore Managed Services
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Your Sitecore Managed Services Team
sitecore architect
Architect & Consultant
Our Sitecore Architects have a unique mix of skills – both technical and problem solving. They design solutions that are intuitive for your users and conform to best practices - translating your business objectives and design into the Sitecore building blocks necessary to create your unique implementation. Our Sitecore Architects are Sitecore Certified and well versed in the intricacies of Sitecore.
project manager
Senior Project Manager
Our Project Managers are laser focused on getting your Sitecore projects delivered on time and on budget. The client's needs are their #1 priority and they demonstrate this every day by leading with empathy. All of our Project Managers are PMP Certified.
support engineer
Sitecore Support Engineer
Our Sitecore Support Engineers are some of the most experienced Sitecore experts on our team – with 5-10+ years of experience performing Sitecore implementations, upgrades, audits, physical and cloud hosting deployments and management, emergency support, and remediation. They are true problem solvers who live and breath Sitecore best practices and will keep digging until your problem is resolved.
sitecore full stack developer
Full-Stack Developer
Our Full-Stack Developers are our big picture thinkers. They obsess about the UX, and they know how to make the front-end and the back-end work in concert to create the experience you’ve been envisioning. These developers are Sitecore Certified, with a minimum of 4 years of experience building Sitecore solutions from end to end.
sitecore back end developer
Back-End Developer
Our Sitecore Back-End Developers love understanding how complex systems work, and designing Sitecore solutions that are modular, scalable, maintainable – based on current development best practices and Sitecore Helix principles. All of our Back-End developers are Sitecore Certified and have 4+ years of experience building Sitecore solutions.
sitecore front end developer
Front-End Developer
Our Front-End Developers bring a background in web design to the table, combining a thorough understanding of Sitecore with the eye for detail necessary to make websites pixel-perfect. Front-End Developers have a minimum of 2 years experience and understand the complexity between the Sitecore back-end and the CSS/HTML front-end.
trainer and documenter
Trainer and Documenter
Understanding your implementation and how to manage your content is crucial to the success of your site. Our Training & Documentation specialists have over 3 years experience writing user guides and making complex functionality easy to understand. They produce step-by-step illustrated guides and walk you through the details of your own implementation.
qa specialist
QA Specialist
Our Quality Assurance Specialists have previous web design and Sitecore-specific content management experience ensuring that implementations are not only performant, but user-friendly in their delivery. They also know to test the experience of the Content Editor to ensure that it is as seamless as the web experience is for the end-user.
martech specialist
MarTech Specialist
Our MarTech Specialists bring a wide array of knowledge to the table including familiarity with key CRM systems, LinkedIn, SEO, and marketing automation. They help guide you through the process of mapping out the flow of your data to maximize lead flow and provide in-depth analysis on how your site is doing.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Dhyana Pomaibo
“We’re not their only client, and yet, it feels like we are. They’re constantly helping and interacting with us. They respond quickly. We have meetings that pop up at a moment's notice and someone calls into the meeting. They’ve also visited our office twice throughout the partnership. It’s impressive to me that they don’t feel like an agency; [Engagency] feels like an extension of our team.”

Website Manager
Consulting Firm

Digital Marketing Director
“Our company is unique in that we don’t have an in-house web developer and rely entirely on our outside partners. While our previous vendor underperformed, we’ve been extremely satisfied with Engagency’s work. Our internal stakeholders are very pleased, especially our IT team. I love them to the moon and back.”

Digital Marketing Director
Advanced Material Manufacturer

Robert Pate Headshot

“We always have a dedicated project manager. If we have any issues with our website, we send them to our Sitecore Support Engineer, as the expert. [Engagency] is good at looking ahead and scheduling what will be needed. Their project manager goes over tickets and loops them into their process. They’re awesome at what they do, but they’re also friendly and genuine. It’s a pleasure to work with them. They marry skill to good customer service.”

Senior Web Developer


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Engagency is here to serve and we’re happy to help. Set up a time to talk with us now.

More Sitecore Support Services
Sitecore Audit
Sitecore Audit
Is your Sitecore implementation having deployment, performance, or reliability issues? Let our experts find the root of your implementation problems and put together a remediation plan.
Starting at $9,000
sitecore emergency 24 7 support
Sitecore 24/7 Support
Do you need someone ready to respond to emergencies in the middle of the night? Rest easy with our 24/7 Server Monitoring and Emergency Support.
Starting at $5,000/mo
sitecore upgrades
Sitecore Upgrades
Ready to take advantage of all the latest features Sitecore has to offer? Upgrade your solution to the newest version.
Starting at $20,000
sitecore on azure migration
Azure Migration
Hosting Sitecore on Azure is one of the best things you can do for your site (and your budget), but it can be overwhelming to plan. Let our team guide the way.
Starting at $10,500
Sitecore Developer Training Services
Sitecore Co-Development & Training
Have a team of .NET developers who want to learn how to implement and support Sitecore? Let our team help your team achieve self-sufficiency.
Starting at $35,000