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Sitecore Migration Services
Purchasing Sitecore? Good Move.

You’ve done your homework and selected Sitecore. Now you need to architect your new site, figure out how to host it, and ensure that you’re implementing everything the right way, the first time.

Whether you’re planning to spend months redesigning your digital experience or you need to lift-and-shift to a new platform as quickly as possible, we’ve got a solution for you.

You’ve made a significant investment in Sitecore. You need to know that you’ve found the right team that’s going to help you get the most value out of that investment. A team that will help you keep costs to a minimum, meet your deadlines, and leverage everything this platform has to offer.

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Migrating 270+ Sites En Masse to Sitecore? No Big Deal.

Many clients eventually turn to Sitecore when they realize WordPress is simply ill-equipped to meet their needs. They’re sick of piecing together functionality with third-party plugins, only to have those same plugins slow down their load times and randomly break their site due to compatibility issues.

But, they’ve already got their site built in WordPress, they like the design of their site, and their team is skilled in the intricacies of using WordPress (however complicated it may be).

These clients need a Sitecore partner they can trust to transition all of their existing content over, preserving both functionality and design, while implementing a Sitecore CMS that has all the features they need to keep getting the job done. Fortunately, that’s exactly what Engagency does.

See how we did it for this healthcare benefits network.

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Sitecore Migration Services

Our team of Sitecore Certified Architects and Developers are ready and waiting to assist you with any of the following services.

Sitecore CMS Implementation

Are you migrating to Sitecore from another CMS, such as WordPress or Sharepoint? No problem. Even if you’ve spent the last decade creating content on another CMS, we’ll smoothly move everything over for you, while building out a modular CMS solution that includes all the features and functionality you need.

Big and small, from eCommerce to employee portals, we’ve built it all. Let’s talk about what Sitecore can do for your business. Our team of Sitecore Certified Architects, Developers, and Consultants are here to make your implementation experience a joy.

Starting at $100,000
Includes a minimum of 600 hours of development, QA, and project management.
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Sitecore Enterprise Implementation
Sitecore Commerce Implementation

From personalized buying experiences to simplified product management, Sitecore was built to make running an eCommerce site a breeze. It’s time to upgrade your online shopping experience, so your customers can find what they need, when they need it—and your organization can reap the rewards.

Let’s envision what Sitecore can do for your bottom line. Our team of Sitecore Certified Architects, Consultants, and Developers are here to deliver a Sitecore Commerce implementation that wows customers and your C-team.

Starting at $200,000
Includes a minimum of 1100 hours of consulting, planning, installation, configuration, architecture, development, QA, and project management.
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Sitecore Commerce implementation
Sitecore Salesforce Integration

If your sales and marketing team both use Salesforce, you know that no Sitecore implementation is complete without a deep integration. You need to capture leads, feed them into your sales and marketing workflows, and nurture them from prospect to customer.

Engagency makes your Salesforce CRM and Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration a breeze and help you every step of the way, from discovery to training, and everything in between. With our step-by-step, illustrated guides and convenient online training, your team will feel confident managing things moving forward.

Starting at $7,000
Includes a minimum of 40 hours for consulting, planning, installation, configuration, development, QA, and project management.
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Sitecore Search Implementation

Now that content is king, and you’re trying to reach more audiences than ever, your search experience has never been more important. Search needs to be fast, friendly, and intuitive. It needs to provide a frictionless path to the content your visitors seek.

Let Engagency help you create a search experience that your visitors expect. We’ve got the people, the process and the tools you need to design and implement a next-level search solution using Solr or Coveo.

Starting at $17,500
Includes a minimum of 100 hours for consulting, planning, installation, configuration, development, QA, and project management.
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Sitecore Site Search Implementation
Additional Migration Services
Sitecore DAM Implementation
Easily manage and control all your website assets with the ultimate in simplified content management.
Starting at $17,500
Sitecore PIM Implementation
Consolidate product data from a variety of third-party sources with an intelligent product information system.
Starting at $17,500

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