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Sitecore CMS Implementation
Sitecore Enterprise Implementation

Our Sitecore Implementation Team is here to make your Sitecore CMS implementation experience, an absolute joy. Besides making sure your site launches on time, without any hiccups– we go the extra mile to make sure you are well trained and feel fully prepared to do your job, when your site goes live.

We’re able to consistently deliver a stress free Sitecore CMS implementation experience, because of our people and our process.

We do that by helping you find the quickest and most cost effective place to start, and then enhancing your implementation over time. Call it agile, call it iterative– our clients call it effective.

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How Our Sitecore CMS Implementation Works

A lot goes into a successful Sitecore CMS implementation. Here’s what you can expect when you partner with Engagency.

Our process includes having an experienced, Sitecore-Certified Solution Architect create a detailed architecture plan for all of the modules and content that will be created. The architecture document is then delivered and reviewed with all stakeholders to ensure we are all on same page and that the work is inline with the existing implementation and understanding of the project. 

Based on the architecture, a Sitecore-Certified Developer (or multiple depending on project scale) will create the solution, working with internal developers as needed.  A technical lead will be assigned to the project who will be responsible for the overall direction and quality of the solution as a whole.  Development is typically done in sprints or rounds with particular attention given to the needs of the Content Entry team.  All development undergoes peer review before being submitted for QA review.

For each round of development, a process of thorough review involving written test cases, internal review, agency review, and client review. All issues are resolved before moving into the next round.

Towards the end of the development process, training documentation will be developed which provides an illustrated guide and step-by-step instructions for content editors to follow and refer back to time and again.  A formal training which can be recorded will also be done to ensure that all content editors have the opportunity to learn through direct usage and to ask questions as needed.

Once the solution is ready - development completed and tested, users trained, content loaded - the site is ready for deployment.  Engagency will implement a build and deployment process and get the site deployed on the servers.  Engagency then works with members of the IT team to point the DNS to the new site.

And then we go live! :-)

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Sitecore CMS Implementation: Features and Benefits
Starting at $100,000
The Sitecore CMS implementation includes a minimum of 600 hours of development, QA, and project management.
Sitecore Workflow Implementation

Content management is a multi-step process. There are various stakeholders involved, with different folks responsible for different tasks. A CMS should ease this process, rather than introducing new complications.

Our Sitecore experts will work with your team to understand how your team manages content (from upload to publish), and who’s responsible for what along the way. Then, we’ll build the optimal workflows within Sitecore to enhance your process and speed time-to-market.

Starting at $3,500
Includes a minimum of 20 hours for setting up roles, users, permissions, and workflows.
Sitecore Workflow Implementation
Sitecore Analytics Implementation

Your business can only perform as well as the metrics you watch to improve it.

Our Sitecore Analytics Implementation can give your team the insights you need to understand who your customers are, how they’re arriving at your website, and what steps they take once they get there. Identify the behavior patterns that lead to conversions, instead of spinning your wheels making your best guess.

Starting at $7,000
Includes a minimum of 40 hours for analysis, documentation, and implementation.
Sitecore Analytics Implementation
Sitecore Multi-Language Implementation

Today’s businesses serve a global audience. Your customers exist in various countries and continents, and they speak different languages. No matter where they live, or what they speak, your website needs to serve all of your customers.

Let our Sitecore Implementation Team help you translate your content for your customers all over the globe, with a few clicks of the mouse. We’ll start by creating a multi-language content architecture and then integrate the translation service provider of your choice.

Starting at $5,250
Includes a minimum of 30 hours for setting up language versioning, mapping out dictionary items, and setting up language switching.
Sitecore Multi-Language Implementation
SSL Implementation

If you collect sensitive customer data through your website, or you want to improve your Google keyword ranking, you need to secure it with a SSL/TLS certificate.

Our Sitecore Implementation Team is ready to help you adhere to data security and SEO best practices, in one fell swoop, by implementing encryption on your site.

Starting at $1,750
Includes a minimum of 10 hours for setting up the SSL certificate and putting redirect rules into place.
SSL Implementation

What Our Clients Have To Say

Profile Card Example
"We struggled for almost a year to find the right team who could help us move forward. From the moment we met [Engagency], it was very clear that they had a solid ethos for how they developed web applications. They had a real discipline around how they built and tested things. That was a great signal from the start that they would be a strong partner."

VP of Digital & Performance Marketing
Consulting Firm

Profile Card Example
"It was awesome because [Engagency] didn’t have any idea what sort of backend modules or fields they needed to build until they saw the finished product. It’s a tough job to build out a site when the creative team is asking you to make it look identical to the designs they made without any knowledge of how it worked on the backend."

Website Manager
Consulting Firm

Profile Card Example
"We needed a bespoke solution with custom components and an elegant design that could convey the maturity of the content in a detailed way. It also required a fair amount of sophistication in terms of the analytics and curation we wanted to support. It required someone that with intimate knowledge of Sitecore and how it could be used to support what we wanted. That’s what encouraged [our agency] to bring [Engagency] onto the project."

VP of Digital & Performance Marketing
Consulting Firm


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