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Sitecore Agency Enablement

You have a client using Sitecore. You own the relationship, the brand, and the user experience. But to build their new site, you need a team of Sitecore experts you can trust to deliver a pixel-perfect implementation of your design.

That’s where Engagency comes in. Partner with us and tap into 10+ years of Sitecore experience in Sitecore architecture, implementation, consulting, user training, and support.

Our job is to make your agency look good and help you deliver award-winning results.

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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Sitecore Partner

It’s just not practical for a small-to-medium agency to build and maintain a team of experts for every CMS on the market. It’s particularly impractical when you’re talking about an enterprise-class CMS like Sitecore.

When an RFP specifies Sitecore, the project is probably a huge opportunity for your agency, representing a substantial chunk of business. You can’t afford to sit on the sidelines just because you don’t have Sitecore expertise in-house.

Time to bring in an expert who can help your agency with Sitecore implementation — but it pays to be careful. Finding a partner who can truly deliver for your client while protecting your company’s interests can be tricky.

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Sitecore Agency Services

How can Engagency help your agency? Take a look.
Agency Enablement

From architecture and planning to implementation and support, we’re here to translate your vision into your client’s CMS of choice: Sitecore.

Let us help you create the engaging individualized digital marketing experiences that people want, and ensure that you're helping your client get the greatest return on their investment.

We provide our Agency Enablement services to your agency free of charge. You bake the cost of Engagency's Implementation services directly into the quote you provide to your client.
Sitecore Agency Services
Sitecore Implementations

Your agency takes a lot of pride in the work you do. Don’t let your designs be butchered by a code factory.

With 10+ years of Sitecore experience, our Sitecore Certified Architects will start by translating your wireframes and design comps into the data templates, layouts, and site renderings that make it a reality. Then our Front-end and Back-end Developers will carefully transform your vision into a pixel-perfect Sitecore solution, with painstaking attention to detail.

Ensure your work receives the respect it deserves, with a Sitecore partner that knows what agencies like yours need.

Starting at $100,000
Includes a minimum of 600 hours of development, QA, and project management.
More about Sitecore Implementations
Sitecore Enterprise Implementation
Sitecore Agency Developer Training

Want to grow your agency’s internal development team’s knowledge of Sitecore? Get your developers up to speed with side-by-side coaching from the seasoned experts at Engagency.

Our Sitecore Certified Architects, Developers, and Support Engineers are here to help advise and guide your team down the right implementation path for your current and future clients.

We’ll start with a discovery to learn your training goals. Then we’ll develop a customized training plan for your team, designed to fill in the knowledge gaps you care about. Our personalized training services cater to the specific learning styles of each of your team members, through guided video sessions, detailed documentation, webinars, and more.

Starting at $21,000
Includes a minimum of 120 hours of mentorship, documentation, training, co-development and code reviews.
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Sitecore Developer Training Services
Additional Agency Services
Salesforce Integration
Help clients collect and connect customer data by combining the power of Sitecore, Salesforce CRM, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
Starting at $7,000
Sitecore Site Search Implementation
Search Implementation
Help your clients create powerful search experiences that ensure their customers find what they’re looking for.
Starting at $17,500
Sitecore Commerce implementation
Sitecore Commerce
Merge content, commerce, and data to create personalized e-commerce journeys with Sitecore Experience Commerce
Starting at $200,000
Sitecore Audit
Sitecore Audit
Make sure you know what you’re getting into, and that your client’s Sitecore implementation is ready to handle the vision you have for their site.
Price: $9,000
C# .NET Sitecore Custom Application Architects and Developers
Post-Development Transition Services
Support your client’s change requests or future Sitecore needs after deployment with confidence.
Starting at $10,000

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