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User Experience (UX) Audit

Do you suspect something is wrong with your UX?

You know you need a User Experience (UX) Audit when:

  • Your site abandonment is way too high, and your conversions are way too low.
  • Your engagement rates are abysmal, and you have no idea why.
  • Your website needs an update, but you don’t have the budget or bandwidth for a complete redevelopment. 
  • Your website looks like a flashback from the early 2000s.

When user experience (UX) design is done well, it can improve all the KPIs you care about, from signups to sales. According to Forrester, good UX can deliver a ROI as high as 9,900%.

At Engagency, our UX audits are designed to root out stumbling blocks in your user journey, so you can get all of your numbers – right where you’ve always wanted them to be.

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What you can expect from a

UX Audit by Engagency

Our UX Audit is designed to get you answers, fast. In just a few weeks, we’ll complete our best-practices driven User Experience Audit and our experts will provide you with a variety of recommendations to improve your website.

Discovery Meeting

Discovery Meeting

During discovery, our expert UI/UX Strategist and Design Architect asks questions and listens to you. We want to understand your users, your goals, your pain points, and your vision. Show us your mockups, inspirations, and more. We’re here to discuss how we can bring your vision to life.

Conduct Audit

Conduct Audit

Next, our UI/UX Designer will get to work, for you. Depending on your organization’s goals, they’ll conduct a thorough analysis on key focus areas of UX design, from user research and persona development to branding and content audits.

Present Findings

Present Findings

In our findings presentation call, our UI/UX Designer will walk you through our research methodology, design recommendations, and expected outcomes. We also prioritize the recommendations to help you drive the biggest impact.

Plan Next Steps

Plan Next Steps

If you're also planning to work with Engagency, to implement, then we'll align our design recommendations with your wish list to determine a game plan for the next few months, from wireframes to development.

Take Action

Take Action

Ready, Set… Design! This is when we turn your dreams into reality. Our goal is to deliver a brand new user experience that's beyond your wildest imagination. We'll start by remediating urgent design issues and/or develop new designs that'll have them coming back for more... over and over and over. Throughout the entire process, we’ll collaborate, touch base, and make sure you feel confident about the quality of everything we deliver.

The 9,900% ROI of UX Design: What Is UX and Why You Need It
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We deliver results that will have

Everyone Singing Your Praises

Update Your Site With Modern Design Practices

Does your site have glaring errors like a lead form with too many fields? Do your CTA buttons stand out, or are they in a blah color that blends in with the rest of your website? These are the types of UX mistakes that can lower engagement and conversion rates, and might get you in trouble with an ADA lawyer. Our UX audit will pinpoint issues like these and offer suggestions for fixing them.

Resolve Speed and Performance Issues

Nothing loses users faster than a slow-loading website. If your website takes too long to load, many users will just leave. Using analytics and testing software, our UX designers will provide actionable recommendations for making your website load quickly for all of your users, no matter where they are or what device they’re using.

Create Paths Of Least Resistance

Whether you want users to fill out a lead form or add something to their cart, your user journey should provide a direct path toward that goal. If your site doesn't always provide a path of least resistance, a UX audit can help you figure out why. Our UX designers will search for the things getting in the way of your user’s journey and creating friction. Then, we’ll provide suggestions for removing those obstacles and easing their path towards conversion.

Don't be left wondering...

Determine whether a UX Audit is exactly what you need. 

If you’re reading this, chances are you'd answer "yes". But here’s a longer answer that might help you decide to schedule a time to talk:

Typically, businesses undertake a UX Audit because they have a usability problem, and they want to figure out how to solve it without doing a full design or redevelopment. UX Audits are also performed as part of a website redesign or digital transformation.

A UX Audit can uncover areas causing friction or hesitation for your users, which prevent them from taking the actions you want them to take – and lead to issues like a high site abandonment rate or low conversions. 

Whether you’re redesigning or starting from scratch, our UX Audit can help you understand where you are, and what you need to do, to get exactly where you want to be.


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