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So you have a really great team of developers that are eager to implement and support your site. You could send them to Sitecore or Optimizely Developer Certification Training, but you’re worried that it won’t be enough. And you’d be right.

Your developers need to understand your implementation specifically. In situations like this, you need a team of experts to train, coach, and work side-by-side to make sure your team gets started off on the right foot and has the guidance it needs to finish the race. That’s where Engagency comes in.

Our Co-Development & Training services are the best way for your team to achieve self-sufficiency.
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How it Works

How Our Sitecore Co-Development Works

However you want it to. Seriously.

Our Sitecore developer coaching services are customized to the goals of your organization and the unique learning preferences of each individual on your team. Do you need us to take a hands-on role, working side-by-side with your developers during solution architecture and development? We can do that.

Or, would you rather we take a step back and perform code reviews as needed? We’re happy to do that, too.

We also provide Sitecore user training for your content editors, marketers, and anyone else who will be using your Sitecore DXP. This includes illustrated step-by-step training guides, customized learning sessions, and video recordings that document how to do everything you want to do in Sitecore.

Our goal is to make your team self-sufficient, so you can stay focused on driving business goals, instead of getting stressed out over a minor site update.

How it Works

Optimizely Co-Development & Training

To make sure things get done the right way the first time, your developers need deep expertise in Optimizely and a few implementations under their belt. They need to know how to architect a solution according to Optimizely best practices, be able to review each other’s code and hold each other accountable, and feel certain that feature enhancements are going to work as expected.

To gain that level of expertise in an instant, your team needs a team – of Optimizely experts who have the knowledge and experience you all need to feel confident. We’ll train, coach, and work side-by-side with your developers to ensure they’re following all of the best practices.
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How Our Developers Can Help

Achieve Smooth Deployments

With your developers trained in Sitecore, and Engagency on hand to perform code reviews, you don’t have to worry about delayed deployments—or worse, deployments that launch with serious issues. We’ll work with your team to develop a QA process that catches bugs before they go live, so you avoid downtime and lost revenue.

Build, Edit, and Manage Content Stress-Free

Our team will support your developers in following best practices as they implement your Sitecore site. That includes implementing the appropriate modular content structure, configuring user roles, and setting up workflows to ensure everything gets reviewed and approved before it makes it to a live environment. The end result? Your marketing team can manage and edit content moving forward without having to bother your developers.

Be Self-Sufficient Moving Forward

When your team feels confident using and managing Sitecore, you don’t have to waste time Googling how to do things, struggling to deploy new features on schedule, and generally stressing out. Sitecore simply becomes a tool that enables you to do your job better.

Process-Driven Architecture

Architecture is the foundation of any successful implementation. To ensure your team gets to enjoy everything Optimizely and Sitecore has to offer, our Architects will work side-by-side with your developers to guide them through the architecture process and bring them up to date on the latest best practices.

We’ll help your developers map out all of the different page types and content blocks for your implementation. We’ll walk them through finding the best method for storing your content so it can be accessible globally throughout your implementation. Finally, we’ll coach your developers on how to create meaningful content blocks and identify content relationships, so they can make the content editing process as efficient as possible for your marketing team.

Developer Education and Code Reviews

We approach code reviews with a three-step process.

First, we sit down with your developers. If they’re building a piece of functionality for the first time, we’ll show them the best methodology for accomplishing that task. Then, we let them build it. Finally, we come back and review their code to ensure it conforms to best practices, that it’s well commented, and it’s as efficient as possible.

On-Call Developer Mentorship and Support

Let’s say your developers want to figure out the most efficient way to do something in Sitecore or Optimizely. Or maybe they’re looking to leverage a similar piece of functionality they’ve seen in a different DXP, but they’re unsure how to do it. 

When these questions come up, your developers can call us. With our developer training, your team has a team of seasoned developers to lean on whenever they need it. Our developers are here to help your team problem-solve, to provide code examples, and to answer questions as needed.

Co-Development & Training includes a minimum of 270 hours of solution architecture and development planning, developer coaching, code reviews, training, and on-call support.

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