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Sitecore Custom Implementation

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Building a custom Sitecore experience takes a lot of experience

The standard Lift and Shift isn’t going to work. You want to make a mark and get rid of the technical debt, all in one go. You want to stand out. You want to create an experience that engages your audience and keeps them coming back for more.

To create a world-class Sitecore website, you need a world-class team. You need the best of both worlds: UX and UI design experts that get your vision and your industry, and a trusted team of Sitecore architects, developers, quality assurance testers, and project managers, with a deep understanding of the platform and best practices.

We've specialized in Sitecore since 2008, so Engagency is that Sitecore partner you can trust, soup to nuts. We’re here to collaborate, innovate, and help you beat the competition.

What is Sitecore Helix and why do I care?
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Sitecore Implementation by Engagency

Our Sitecore Implementation Process includes planning, solution design, development, content migration, quality assurance, project management, and personalized user training.

A lot goes into a successful Sitecore DXP Implementation. Using our agile approach increases the collaboration between your company and ours, produces requirements that are more well defined, and establishes a cadence of review that provides clear and concise insight into the final product. All of this produces better outcomes, fewer headaches, and pleasant surprises. 


Detailed Discovery and Project Planning

Working in agile, your project kicks off with a few weeks of basic discovery and planning where Engagency ports over what we understood from the signed scope of work into an executable plan. First, we break down the work to see where more initial information is needed. This may require workshops, screen sharing, documentation review, and/or code review if a prior site exists.

Not every detail will be defined upfront, but the larger conversation and requirements gathering happens at this stage. We also organize each and every piece of the scope into what we call a “product backlog.”. This defines the work that needs to be done and allows for a body of work to be organized into project sprints.

Iterative Sprints That Keep You Moving Forward

Once the initial project planning is complete, the rest of the project is done in iterative sprints. These run 2between 2-3 weeks long and take a specific subset of the product backlog into account.

For each sprint, the requirements for the work become highly refined by breaking down the larger tasks into smaller and more manageable tasks, consisting of user stories and acceptance criteria. These are created in close collaboration with stakeholders from your company so there are no surprises and everyone is in agreement as to what is being built. The benefit of this approach is more detailed development that directly aligns to your functional requirements, a faster review cycle, and the ability to adapt early to meet project goals. In essence, it allows the project to be “agile”.

On our side, the project manager, technical lead, individual developers, and QA specialist will contribute. Within the sprint, work is assigned and each story goes through development, quality assurance, and documentation. 

At the end of the sprint, work is deployed and a demo of the work is given. If the work is ready for your company to contribute content, Engagency will train your team as the next sprint begins. The sprint is then closed and the process repeats until the project is done.


User Training and Coaching Along the Way

Towards the end of the project or at key milestones, Engagency develops custom training documentation for your team. This includes an illustrated guide and step-by-step instructions for content editors to follow and refer back to time and again. We also record a formal training to ensure that all content editors have the opportunity to learn through direct usage and to ask questions as needed.


Content Migration Doesn’t Need to Be Uncertain

Following a clearly documented Content Migration Plan, we work with your content owners in a step by step approach, from initial content audits to migration testing and execution, to ensure your content gets where and when it needs to be.


A Go-Live You Can Get Excited About

Once the solution is ready – development completed, QA tested, users trained, and content loaded – the site is officially ready for deployment. Engagency will implement a build and deployment process and get the site deployed on the servers, following a detailed “Go Live Plan” that leverages a soft launch methodology. We’ll then work closely with members of your IT team to point the DNS to the new site after the site has been thoroughly reviewed and load tested.

And then, we go live!

We deliver results that will have

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Everything You Need To Be Successful

Our Sitecore implementations include UX and UI design, architecture, development, content migration, quality assurance, project management, and personalized user training.

Personalized Training for Every Task & Team Member

Our training is personalized down to the page and the team member. We’ll hold video training sessions with your team so we can walk them through how to perform their daily tasks with ease in Sitecore, and answer any questions they have.

You'll receive copies of those video trainings, along with comprehensive step-by-step documentation illustrated with screenshots of your implementation.

Self-Sufficient Content Management

The Sitecore DXP was designed with the needs of Content Editors top of mind. After your Personalized Sitecore User Training, your team will feel fully confident to upload, publish, edit, and otherwise manage content on your site. The same goes for media, user roles, layouts, and even brand new sections of your site.

Impressive Content Personalization

Uploading content is fine, but the fun part is personalizing it. With the Sitecore Experience Editor, you’ll have a variety of options for delivering personalized content to your site visitors. You’ll also be able to adapt and copy existing modules to create new sections of your site that can more deeply serve the needs of target audiences.

Worry-Free Publishing & Deployments

When implemented by experts deeply knowledgeable in Sitecore best practices, updates of any kind will be seamless and hassle-free. Your Sitecore DXP works the way you expect it to, and you don’t run into issues publishing content edits or deploying updates to the site. Blue-Green deployments and reliable publishing, means less stress for your team, and more time to put back into your marketing.

Sitecore Workflow Implementation

Content management is a multi-step process. There are various stakeholders involved, with different folks responsible for different tasks. A DXP should ease this process, rather than introducing new complications.

Our Sitecore experts will work with your team to understand how your team manages content (from upload to publish), and who’s responsible for what along the way. Then, we’ll build the optimal workflows within Sitecore to enhance your process and speed time-to-market.

Includes workflow analysis, documentation and set up of roles, users, permissions, and workflows.


Sitecore Analytics Implementation

Your business can only perform as well as the metrics you watch to improve it.

Our Sitecore Analytics Implementation can give your team the insights you need to understand who your customers are, how they’re arriving at your website, and what steps they take once they get there. Identify the behavior patterns that lead to conversions, instead of spinning your wheels making your best guess.

Includes analysis, documentation, and implementation.

Sitecore Multi-Language Implementation

If your business serves a global audience, your customers expect you to speak to them in their native tongue.

Let our Sitecore Implementation experts set up your site to translate your content into multiple languages, with a few clicks of the mouse. We’ll start by creating a multi-language content architecture and then integrate the translation service provider of your choice.

Includes set up of language versioning, mapping out dictionary items, and setting up language switching.


SSL Implementation

If you collect sensitive customer data through your website, or you want to improve your Google ranking, you need to secure it with a SSL/TLS certificate.

Our Sitecore Implementation Team is ready to help you adhere to data security and SEO best practices, in one fell swoop, by implementing encryption on your site.

Includes set up of the SSL certificate and putting redirect rules into place.

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Sitecore Migration

Do you have the C-Suite breathing down your neck to deliver a world-class website with an impossible deadline?

Have you determined that the "traditional agency approach" is not going to work in this situation?

Engagency has the process and the tools to make the move faster than any other shop you can find… without sacrificing quality.


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