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Salesforce &DXP Integration

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Integrating Salesforce with your DXP takes a team of seasoned experts.

When it comes to collecting and connecting customer data—and creating personalized experiences across channels—there is no better combination than a good Digital Experience Platform (DXP), Salesforce CRM and Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC).

Let our Implementation Team and Salesforce Experts help you implement and integrate a digital engagement solution that automates interactions, personalizes journeys, and makes each one of your customers feel like an important individual.

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Salesforce Integration by Engagency

Our Salesforce integration process is designed to ensure your team gets all the insights and functionality you need to track customer interactions on and off your DXP platform. Here’s how it works.

We work together to outline what customer data you need to gather, and review the best user flow possible for initiating the process.

After exploring where the CTAs will appear and what content will be collected, Engagency works with you to determine the best technical strategy for passing data into Salesforce. This is where knowledge of both systems is critical. We'll architect the data on the Salesforce side according to best-practices. On the DXP side, we map to that structure and possibly include some logic to determine how data is tagged or routed.

Once data is going into Salesforce, we can track what the user does afterward and share the data across systems based on return visits.

When visitors return, the combination of knowledge gained in Salesforce, coupled with user interactions on the site, enable us to set up personalization with a powerful impact.
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Real-Time Customer Insights

With Salesforce, there’s no guessing how prospects are engaging with your web content. You know. Your team can see every click they take, gaining deep insights into what moves them down the funnel, faster.

Personalized Content Delivery

Salesforce and your DXP rely on customer data and click behavior to hone their algorithms, delivering the right pieces of content to your visitors, just at the time they want to see them.

Integrated Marketing Funnel

With the power of Salesforce behind your DXP, you can track a customer’s journey across your marketing campaigns—from website to email.

Team Efficiencies

With Salesforce working hand-in-hand with your DXP, your team has more time to work on the things that matter. For your marketers, this means more time developing the content that converts. For your sales folks, it means more time spent on closing leads.

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Here's What Our Clients Have to Say

"Our traffic has steadily increased from the first project we launched with [Engagency] through every subsequent one. New visitors continue to increase and time-on-site has more than doubled. All metrics are moving in the right direction."

Adam Monago
VP of Digital & Performance Marketing

- Consulting Firm

"Our Google Analytics show that the website has more monthly users, more new visitors, and that the time on site is longer due to the things that [Engagency has] helped me design to keep people going through the marketing funnel."

Social Media Manager

- Tunica Convention and Visitors Bureau

"I’ve worked with a number of companies over the years. They all make a lot of promises during the sales pitch, but then underperform. Engagency, however, is the rare vendor that delivers exactly what they say they’re going to deliver, sometimes more."

Digital Marketing Director
Digital Marketing Director

- Advanced Material Manufacturer

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