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Implementing Optimizely Commerce Cloud a team of seasoned experts.

Optimizely Commerce Cloud has everything you could ever want in an ecommerce customer experience platform. Optimizely offers ecommerce, content management, search, personalization, A/B testing, analytics, and marketing automation — all rolled into one powerful yet easy-to-use platform.

The key to getting the most value from all of these capabilities is finding the right partner to implement it for you. A partner that has the technical expertise and creative problem-solving abilities, but who also puts your needs first, and does what they say they’re going to do, on time and on budget.

That’s Engagency. Let us be your Optimizely experts. We’ll make sure you get the absolute most out of everything Optimizely has to offer.
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We Build Creative Solutions Optimized for Conversions and Transactions

Every company has unique products, differentiators, and ways of engaging with customers. But one thing every company has in common is that your success is measured by conversions and transactions.

We understand that, and we’re here to make sure your Optimizely Commerce Cloud platform helps you rock your goals. Our team thrives on finding creative solutions that enable your team to do their jobs better, faster, and in a way that drives your top-line growth.

Our Iterative Development Process Boosts Client Confidence

Our team follows a round-by-round development methodology. Each round includes some ux design, solution design, development, QA, and training — and constant communication from us along the way.

We’ve found this methodology works best for our clients. Not only does it make large projects significantly less stressful, it also increases your confidence that the final Optimizely solution we’ll deliver will work and look as you expect it to.

We Use Automation to Create Smarter, More Efficient Solutions

Any major overhaul of a commerce management platform takes time, but it shouldn’t take forever.

Over the past decade-plus, our team has developed processes and tools that help us streamline the implementation process and ensure it gets done on time, and on budget. We automate the migration of structured data like products and blogs. We also use data relationships and global tagging structures to make your commerce and content management more efficient and organized.

Perfect Planning for a Perfect Project — On Time and On Budget

Don’t let all that automation make you think we skimp on the planning. From our easy to understand Solution Design documentation to our detailed Content Matrix, we are serious planners at Engagency.

We rely on detailed documentation and clear communication with you to ensure that you understand exactly what we’re going to deliver, and how long it will take. Our goal is to ensure that there are never any unpleasant surprises.

Our Personalized Training Gets Your Team Up and Running Fast

To get the most out of Optimizely Commerce Cloud, you need to know how to use it. That’s why we include extensive individualized training with each of our Optimizely implementations.

We create training documentation for your entire team, illustrated with screenshots from your implementation and step-by-step instructions for every team member and task. We also host and record video training sessions with your team, where you can ask questions and we'll walk you through exactly what you want to know.

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An Optimizely Commerce Cloud Implementation by Engagency

What can you expect when you sign up for an Optimizely migration with Engagency? Our signature process allows us to tailor fit your Optimizely implementation to your organization’s individual needs.

Step 1: Discovery Meeting

On our kick-off call we ask questions and seek to understand your needs. We want to know your goals and how you want to use everything Optimizely has to offer. We’ll also loop in the Optimizely team so everyone can get acquainted and we can coordinate any additional meetings or support.

During discovery, our goal is to understand your current implementation, document specific requirements, and refine the scope of work. If you’re doing a Lift & Shift, leveraging your existing design, we’ll map out your current pages and modules to new ones while streamlining to ensure you have a perfect set of easy-to-use modules to work with. If you’re starting with a fresh new design, we’ll map the designs to new page types and modules.

Step 2: UX & UI Design

In this stage we ensure your new site is not only modern and appealing, but also follows SEO, ADA, and UX best practices.

Our UX & UI Design Team is here to help you make some simple modifications, or completely overhaul your user experience. Whatever you need, we're here to make sure your team loves your new site.

Step 3: Solution Design

Solution design is the cornerstone of a successful implementation. Once UX & UI Design is approved, we create an easy to read Solution Design document to plan out every detail of your migration. This document will define the necessary content organization. We’ll chart out the types of content you have, the pages we’ll build, and the content blocks or modules we’ll use to build them.

We also look for any opportunities to streamline your implementation, starting with the current modules you have on your site. It’s common for older implementations to have several modules that are similar to each other. Can we combine any of these? Are there any modules you never use or your content team doesn’t like? Are there any modules that we need to add?

With this information, we create a Content Matrix. This outlines each URL from your old DXP, and maps it to the URL on your new Optimizely site, along with the assigned page type and content blocks. This gives your team and ours a foolproof map to follow during the migration.

Step 4: Development & QA

Next, we embark on development. Using the Solution Design document as our guide, we develop all of the different page types, content blocks, and functionality that will make your new site yours.

We’ll also develop specialized types of content at this stage that may have additional design or functionality considerations. For example, you may have a News page that pulls in various types of content that you want to display in a particular way. Or, your search functionality may include features like filters and promoted content. Whatever it is, we’ll build it.

After each round of development, our QA Specialists will comb through everything before we push to UAT for your final approval.

Step 5: Training

Now it’s time for training. We create detailed, step-by-step training documentation, illustrated with screenshots of your Optimizely implementation.

We’ll also host virtual training sessions to walk your team through everything they need to know and answer any questions they have about how to do their job on your new site. We record these video calls so you can rewatch whenever you need a refresher.

Step 6: Content Migration

During the migration, our team automates content migration where we can. We’ll review your current implementation and look for structured data like events, blogs, or products to see if there’s any content we can extract and push directly into Optimizely — minimizing the amount of manual migration that needs to happen.

For everything else, we move it over to Optimizely manually. If your team wants to dig in and use their training to help with the migration, we’re all for it. Whether you want us to handle the entire migration soup to nuts, or coach your team along the way, we’re here to keep your Optimizely migration on track and ensure everything gets moved over without a hiccup.

Step 7: Launch

It’s time to launch! Our team will do the final count down, but only after performing a comprehensive review and completing every single item on the Launch Checklist. When everything's set, we'll say blast off!

The weeks following launch are dedicated to more personalized training sessions with your team, ensuring you feel comfortable and confident using your new Optimizely implementation.

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