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Implementation Audit

Do you suspect something is wrong with your DXP?

You know you need an audit when:

  • Your DXP is experiencing performance issues and you don't think you got what you were sold on
  • You’re breaking up with your DXP partner or you need justification for firing the one that you hired
  • You’re getting ready to upgrade to the latest version of your DXP
  • You’re planning to scale and enhance your DXP implementation, by adding new sites and functionality
  • You want to manifest of everything your DXP has to offer

Our 250+ point, Implementation Audit gives you a clear picture of where you stand, and what you need, to get what you want.


What you can expect from an

Implementation Audit by Engagency

Our 5 step process allows us to tailor fit your audit to your organization’s individual needs and ensures you can take action on everything we find.

Kick-Off Meeting

Kick-Off Meeting

On our kick-off call we ask questions and listen to you. We want to understand your goals and how you want to use everything your chosen DXP has to offer. We want to get a complete list of the concerns and frustrations you have with your existing implementation.

Conduct Audit

Conduct Audit

We start with our standard 250+ point Implementation Audit protocol, and then we investigate everything else that’s unique to your needs and DXP implementation.

Present Findings

Present Findings

We’ve designed our 90 minute audit findings presentation call, and all of our deliverables to help each role in your organization make sense of the results, make informed decisions, and work as a team to develop an action plan.

Plan Next Steps

Plan Next Steps

Next, we prioritize remediation priorities, and have a look at your backlog and wish list to figure out a game plan for the next 3-6 months.

Take Action

Take Action

Once we’ve got a game plan, then we get to work. We can help you tackle your projects using an Agile Methodology, or you can sign up for one of our Managed Services plans. Either way you'll get a team of experts helping you make progress, every month, that you can rely on forever and ever.

Don't be left wondering...

Let Us Show You Our Audit

We’d love to share examples of the reports, the presentation, and all the insights we provide – and send you a proposal that includes a complete overview of our 250+ point audit protocol.

If you're wondering if you can do better, we invite you to read this quick and easy guide, to see if an Implementation Audit by Engagency is the right thing for you.

We deliver results that will have

Everyone Singing Your Praises

Resolve Issues Immediately

If your current implementation isn’t working as expected, a variety of issues could be lurking under the hood. For your team to move forward, you need to address these before they impede future initiatives.

If your previous vendor lacked the proper training and experience or rushed through your implementation and skipped proper planning– technical missteps and misconfigurations quickly add up to wreak havoc on your final solution. An implementation audit will help you root out these issues and get back on track.

Identify Opportunities for Improvement

Beyond obvious bugs, there can be other, latent productivity killers that prevent your Optimizely or Sitecore implementation from meeting your needs. Ongoing issues like deployment problems hamper your team’s productivity and need to be addressed.

Surfacing and prescribing a plan to fix these issues is a core part of our DXP Audit. We’ll provide a clear action plan for you to smooth out the kinks and bring efficiency back to your deployments.

Get Prepared for Upgrades & Enhancements

Deprecated API calls, out-of-date third-party modules, hidden bugs and more can all conspire to significantly delay your DXP upgrade.

With an Optimizely or Sitecore Audit, you can catch and fix these issues before you start upgrading, ensuring a timely and bug-free completion. Audits prevent future coding emergencies and keep your projected costs in-line. Get the new features you need without the headache of a subpar solution.

Keep Your Website in Good Health

As your organization evolves, so will your team and your marketing goals. Developers come and go, and your business objectives change. Sometimes technical debt piles up, and before you know it, emergencies start popping up. Get in front of the emergencies and start managing your DXP health proactively.

An audit helps you plan your success and avoid all fire drills and sleepless nights.

Let us help you ensure that your solution follows best practices and provides you with all the functionality you've been dreaming about. Our goal is to make sure you rest easy and get a good night's sleep, so you can wake up every day and move forward with confidence.

And if you're one of our  loyal customers, we'll even help you maintain the health and flexibility of your solution, with an Annual Audit.

Crush Your Checklist and Move On To Your Wishlist

When you have all of the technical debt behind you, and Sitecore or Optimizely is running the way you expected, then you can clear your head, and move on to your wishlist. We're here to help with all the housekeeping, so you have more time to dream big!

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