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Free Sitecore Assessment

Do you suspect something is wrong with your Sitecore Implementation?

Stop wondering and start remediating.

Do you have concerns about your Sitecore website? Are you receiving complaints from customers and your marketing team?

Maybe you just have a sneaking suspicion that you’re not getting what you bargained for – but you don’t have $25,000 left in the budget to really confirm your hunch.

Good news: It's not gonna cost you a dime. Our Sitecore Assessment is a completely free service that gives you a benchmark assessment of your Sitecore website, a library of resources that address your pain points, and dedicated time with our team of Sitecore experts – all with no strings attached.


What you can expect from a

Free Sitecore Assessment by Engagency

Benchmark Assessment of Sitecore Performance and Utilization

We start with a series of benchmark tests, including – page load speed, mobile performance, mobile friendliness, ADA compliance, and SEO.

While we’re running your benchmark tests, you’ll complete a short questionnaire that helps us identify your top pain points and priorities. We’ll use your insights to direct the presentation conversation with our experts.

Personalized Findings Report

When we meet, you’ll receive a comprehensive findings report which will:

  • Summarize the value you’re getting from Sitecore.
  • Provide a snapshot of your site’s overall performance, mobile friendliness, and ADA compliance.
  • Show you how your pain points and utilization compare to other Sitecore customers, so you know if your situation is unusual or if everybody is experiencing the same thing.
  • Help you build a case for future digital transformation investments, with a professional slide show presentation and budget meeting participation with our team of Sitecore experts.

Tailored Resource Library

Based on the results of your assessment, we’ll provide a library of technical whitepapers written by our team of Sitecore experts, that address each of your specific pain points and areas of interest.

Two Free Hours of Consulting With Our Sitecore Experts

You'll receive two hours of free consulting with our Sitecore experts.

You can use these free consulting hours to discuss our findings, your pain points and their possible causes, and different options you have to get your Sitecore implementation in tip top shape.

Don't just take our word for it

Here's What Our Clients Have to Say

“Our site was riddled with performance issues that was costing us real dollars. The site was consistently overloaded and failing during our primetime - dinner! Engagency audited our implementation and was able to identify key issues and then quickly resolve them to eliminate the downtimes we were experiencing. We could not be happier with the outcome.“

Chris Andrews
Chief Information Officer

- Pei Wei

"We hired a firm previously that sold us on the Sitecore platform when we redid our website. Unfortunately during the development process we discovered that they did not know how to use Sitecore and were learning along with us, which was costing us more money. We needed a team that was more knowledgeable with the platform and could help us improve our site in an efficient manner. Engagency conducted a website audit and then immediately put into place changes that greatly enhanced website performance."

Lisa Konupka

- Tunica Visitors Bureau

“Our site uses standard B2B implementation and includes a number of connections with third-party databases and content sources. ENGAGENCY conducted a thorough audit, evaluating our website according to Sitecore’s standards, and confirmed findings of a previous audit conducted prior to our engagement. They then identified trouble areas in our underlying code and offered suggestions for improvement. They’re now our full-time Sitecore developer.“

Digital Marketing Director
Digital Marketing Director

- Advanced Material Manufacturer

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