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Choosing the best Digital Customer Experience Platform takes a lot of experience and insights

Mitigate the risk of buyer’s remorse by calling on our Digital Transformation Strategy Team. Deciding which .NET Web DXP or Customer Engagement Platform is the best fit for your organization is a detailed process - and we're among the best at leading it.

Gartner and Forrester can only get you so far. To really know that you're making the right decision, you need technicians on your side, who are willing to pull up their sleeves and dive right into understanding, what you actually want built. Once we know exactly what you want, in terms of UX and functionality, our team of technicians will demonstrate exactly how it works in the DXPs you're considering.

Our System Integration experts have practical, hands-on experience with implementing .NET Web Digital Experience Software and we’re here to help you make a truly informed decision. We work with your team to design and document your functional and technical requirements, and then we give you the insiders, no-bs, perspective on which platforms will best suit your needs.

Then once we all have our ducks in a row, we'll roll out the red carpet and introduce you to all of our personal connections at the vendors you're considering.

All this to ensure, that you’re getting the best pricing and honest answers.

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DXP Selection Consulting by Engagency 

Step 1: Clarify Your Requirements

A lot of times you have a general idea of what your functional and technical requirements are. But each one of these elements has different options and every WDXP solution handles things a little differently. Some better than others.

To help you make a well informed decision, we start by diving deeper into each requirement – asking questions about how your organization works, whether you want things to work this way or that way, and what other systems you need to integrate with. We help you clarify your precise requirements so you can articulate exactly what you’re looking for and which questions you should ask when shopping for the right solution.

Based on these discussions, we create a Requirements Matrix that summarizes everything you’re looking for and provides a side-by-side comparison of how each Web DXP measures up.

Step 2: Evaluate Your Options

Next, we’ll introduce you the right folks at the DXP vendors you’re considering and line up demos, based on your Requirements Matrix. We'll use all the documentation we created to set expectations for the demo and keep the discussion focused on the things that matter to you most.

We’ll ask the tough technical questions to get you the in-depth answers you’re looking for and help you cut through the BS so you understand exactly what each solution can deliver and exactly how it delivers it. So you can be sure that you're picking the best tool to get the job done right.

Step 3: Price the Right Solution

Once you’ve got your sights set on the right DXP, we’re here to help you get the best price.

We understand that cost is always a chief consideration, and there's no need to overspend on bells and whistles that you're not going to use yet. Our job is to advocate on your behalf to ensure that you’re not being oversold on things you don’t need, and get the best price on the things you do need.

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