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Sitecore Services

We're Engagency, Your Sitecore Experts.
Sitecore Services

Engagency is a Gold Sitecore Certified Partner. We’ve got the tools, the team, the experience, and the commitment you need to implement, integrate, and support Sitecore with your entire digital ecosystem, on time, on budget, and the right way the first time. 

Learn more about our Sitecore services below.

Sitecore Implementation Services
Our Sitecore Certified system integration experts will help you implement and integrate every piece of your digital experience ecosystem. Whether you want something totally custom under six months, or something out-of-the-box in a matter of weeks, we’ve got a solution for you.
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Sitecore Lift & Shift Implementation

Short on time, and your C-suite wants you up on Sitecore yesterday? Whether you’re migrating to Sitecore or upgrading to the latest version, Engagency’s Lift & Shift process will have you up and running faster than any other Sitecore shop in the world.

We’ve got the people, the processes, and the tools necessary to quickly migrate your content over and launch your new site on Sitecore. Our 10-step process takes your site from being a liability to an asset in less than 3 months.

Includes a minimum of 570 hours of architecture, development, content migration, QA, project management, and user training.
More about Sitecore Lift & Shift Implementation
Lift and Shift Implementation
Sitecore Custom Implementation

You have a new marketing vision. You have an agency that you love working with, who gets your vision and knows how to execute. You picked Sitecore because it’s the only platform capable of delivering the personalized customer experience you have in mind.

Now, you need a team that’s going to work with your agency and create a custom Sitecore solution, tailor-fit to your every wish. Let our team of Sitecore Certified Architects, Consultants, and Developers bring your award-winning vision to life.

Includes a minimum of 1,100 hours of architecture, development, content migration, QA, project management, and user training.
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custom sitecore implementation
How to Implement Sitecore the Right Way the First Time
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Sitecore Search Implementation

Do you want to create a guided search experience that helps your customers find what they want, with faceted filtering, type-ahead, suggested results, and recommendations?

Do your customers a huge favor and let our Sitecore Implementation Team help you implement a search experience that is designed to increase revenue and deepen customer loyalty.

Includes a minimum of 100 hours for consulting, planning, installation, configuration, development, QA, and project management.
More about Sitecore Search Implementation
Sitecore Site Search Implementation
DAM Implementation

Do you need a digital asset management system to help manage licensing, production costs, distribution, and governance of your digital assets across the enterprise?

Let our Sitecore Implementation Team help you save money, time, and headaches by implementing and integrating a digital asset management system with Sitecore.

Includes a minimum of 200 hours for consulting, planning, installation, configuration, development, QA, and project management.
More about DAM Implementation
sitecore digital asset management dam integration
PIM Integration

Do you need a product information system to help centralize, consolidate, structure, and syndicate product data and content across multiple channels?

Let our Sitecore Implementation Team help you create convenient buying experiences across channels by implementing and integrating a product information management system with Sitecore.

Includes a minimum of 100 hours for consulting, planning, installation, configuration, development, QA, and project management.
sitecore product information management pim integration
Salesforce Integration

Do you want to collect and connect customer data by combining the power of Sitecore, Salesforce CRM, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

No worries, we’ve got you covered. Our Sitecore Implementation Team is here to make your Salesforce Integration project an easy and painless experience.

Includes a minimum of 150 hours for consulting, planning, installation, configuration, development, QA, and project management.
More about Salesforce Integration
sitecore salesforce integration
Sitecore Commerce Implementation

Do you need to create a personalized e-commerce experience that leverages Sitecore’s marketing automation, content management, data, and insights?

Give your customers the buying experience they expect. Let our Sitecore Implementation Team help you create a commerce solution that builds customer loyalty and drives revenue through the roof with Sitecore Experience Commerce.

Includes a minimum of 1,100 hours of consulting, planning, installation, configuration, architecture, development, QA, and project management.
More about Sitecore Commerce Implementation
Sitecore Commerce implementation
Sitecore Support Services
Our Sitecore Certified Partner experts are ready and waiting to respond to every need and help you get the most out of Sitecore. Whether you want to migrate to the cloud, upgrade your environment, or hire a whole team of Sitecore support experts you can call day or night, we’ve got a solution for you.
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Sitecore Assessment

Our Sitecore Assessment is a completely free service that gives you a benchmark assessment of your Sitecore website, a library of resources that address your pain points, and dedicated time with our team of Sitecore experts – all with no strings attached. Seriously.

More About Our Free Sitecore Assessment
Sitecore Assessment
Sitecore Audit

Our Sitecore Audit is a comprehensive assessment of your existing Sitecore implementation, conducted by our team of experts with 10+ years of Sitecore experience.

We’ll evaluate the current status and quality of work. Then we’ll provide recommendations on what corrective actions should be taken to prepare for future improvements, expansion, or performance tuning.

Includes a minimum of 50 hours for discovery, site transfer and setup, code review, architecture and configuration analysis, documentation, and findings discussions.
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Sitecore Audit
What Kind of Sitecore Support Do You Need?
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Sitecore Managed Services
sitecore managed services
Basic Support
Our Basic Support Plan gives you up to 50 hours of monitoring and support per month, and response times between 9-5 CST Monday-Friday.
sitecore managed services
Premium Support
Our Premium Support Plan gives you up to 50 hours of monitoring, and support per month, higher priority response times between 9-5 CST Monday-Friday, and 24/7 support.
sitecore managed services
Dedicated Services
Our Dedicated Services Plan gives you 100+ hours of enhancements, training, and support per month, 1st priority response times, and 24/7 support.
Sitecore Upgrades

Are you excited about the latest version of Sitecore, and eager to take advantage of all the new features and capabilities?

Our team of Sitecore Certified Support Engineers are here to help you determine the most economical upgrade path, and ensure a timely and successful upgrade. Our Sitecore Upgrade process starts with thorough analysis and planning – identifying modules that can’t be upgraded and code that needs a rewrite. We create a thorough test plan, perform the upgrade and make necessary modifications, and then conduct rigorous page-by-page testing.

Includes 100 hours of consulting, development, and testing. NOTE: Upgrades for new clients require a Sitecore Audit.
More about Sitecore Upgrades
Sitecore Upgrade
Sitecore Migration to Azure

Are you eager to host Sitecore on Azure, but a little overwhelmed by everything involved in planning, architecting, and implementing everything according to Sitecore best practices?

We feel your pain, and we have a solution that you're going to love. Let our Sitecore Certified Architects and Support Engineers help you plan, architect, price, spin up, and deploy all of your Sitecore sites on Azure PaaS.

Includes a minimum of 60 hours for technical requirements review and discussion, documentation, implementation, data migration, configuration, and testing.
sitecore migration to azure
Sitecore Enablement & Consulting
Our Sitecore Certified Partner experts are here to get you started off on the right foot, establish best practices, and achieve self-sufficiency. Whether you want to enable your front-end developers, back-end developers, or content editors, we’ve got a solution for you.
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Sitecore Agency Enablement

You own the strategy. You deliver award-winning UI and UX design. But does your agency have the Sitecore experts that you need to fully leverage and get the most out of Sitecore?

Surprise, now you do! Let us help you create the engaging individualized digital marketing experiences that people want, and ensure that you're helping your client get the greatest return on their investment. Pair your vision, strategy, and creativity, with our 10+ years of Sitecore implementation, training, and support experience.

We provide our Agency Enablement services to your agency free of charge. You bake the cost of Engagency's Implementation services directly into the quote you provide to your client.
More about Agency Enablement
Sitecore Agency Services
Sitecore User Training

Sent the team to Sitecore training and still feeling lost?

We get it. That's why we created personalized Sitecore User Training. We tailor every lesson to each individual’s role and scope of responsibility. Our personalized training sessions include step-by-step instructions and screenshots from your company’s actual implementation. Best of all, we do everything online, so it's affordable and easy to work into your busy schedule.

Includes a minimum of 50 hours of customized step-by-step illustrated training guide creation, 1-2 hours of instructor-led online training and Q&A, and a video recording of your training session.
Sitecore User Training
Sitecore Co-Development

Have an internal development team but lack Sitecore expertise?  No problem.  Engagency offers a co-development model which pools resources between your team and our team.  

Let our Sitecore Certified Architects, Developers, Consultants and Trainers get your team up to speed on Sitecore best practices and how to manage your own implementation.

Includes a minimum of 200 hours for architecture, consulting, code reviews, training, and on-call support.
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Sitecore Developer Training Services
Post Development Transition Services

We’ve implemented your site. Now you want to maintain and support it moving forward. Engagency empowers you to handle this all on your own, fully armed with the tools and knowledge to successfully support your Sitecore environment.

To ensure the smoothest transition possible, Engagency will automate a process that takes your content and code through the build for each unique environment. We’ll also setup a repository to ensure ease of adding in new features and making adjustments in a systematic, organized way.

Includes a minimum of 60 hours of discussion, documentation, collaboration and set up.
post-development transition
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Sitecore Architecture

Maybe your team is ready to build out new features and functionality in Sitecore, but you’re not quite sure how to go about it. Or, you just contracted a UX agency to redesign your website, but you don’t know how to implement their vision into your Sitecore environment. Perhaps you’re building out a new microsite, but your internal development team is rusty on Sitecore best practices.

If any of these sound familiar, you need a Sitecore architecture document to guide you. Our Sitecore Certified Solution Architects have over a decade of Sitecore experience, and we’re here to give your team the knowledge they need to turn your implementation dreams into reality.

Includes a minimum of 100 hours for requirements gathering, solution consulting, architecture document creation, discussion and guidance.
More about Sitecore Architecture
Sitecore Solution Architecture
Sitecore Developer Training

Does your internal development team need the ability to manage and support your Sitecore implementation, but they have limited knowledge of Sitecore?

Engagency provides training to your developers based on our 10+ years of experience building and deploying large-scale implementations.  Engagency will impart our knowledge of Sitecore best practices and make the training relevant by basing part of it on your implementation's codebase.  This ensures that your developers are gaining skills while staying focused on supporting the specific needs of your implementation.

Includes up to 100 hours of code review, documentation, training, and ad-hoc developer coaching.
Developer Training
Sitecore DevOps Training

Deploy fast and flawlessly. Limit your downtime and internal dev time by having a solid system for code releases. Engagency has honed the art of the seamless deployment and can help you get there too.

The system starts with a solid repository strategy, and then combines an automated build process and deployment process. Engagency can create a process using tools that work with the nuances of Sitecore and conform to the business processes you have in place.

Includes up to 60 hours of documentation and setup.
Web Ops Training
Web DXP Selection Consulting

Are you having trouble deciding which Web Digital Experience Platform you should choose to power your digital transformation? Not to worry.

Let our team of integration experts help you clarify your requirements, narrow down your options, and line up conversations with the vendors you’re considering. We’ll help you ask the right questions and make an informed decision.

Seriously. We’ll help you find your new DXP — free of charge, no strings attached
More About .NET DXP Selection Consulting
NET CMS Selection
What Our Clients Have To Say
Digital Marketing Director
“Our company is unique in that we don’t have an in-house web developer and rely entirely on our outside partners. While our previous vendor underperformed, we’ve been extremely satisfied with Engagency’s work. Our internal stakeholders are very pleased, especially our IT team. I love them to the moon and back.”
Digital Marketing Director
Advanced Material Manufacturer
Lisa Konupka Headshot
“We are just now being able to understand all the functions that Sitecore offers us, and that's because of Engagency. They keep us up to date, so when the newest updates come out they update us on what those are and train us.”
Lisa Konupka
Social Media Manager
Tunica Convention and Visitors Bureau
Stephen Moegling Headshot
“Oftentimes, when working with developers, we've had to trade quality of development for service, good project management, and communication, and vice versa. I felt like Engagency provided the best of these areas. Our development team was constantly pleased with what Engagency was producing. From a project management standpoint, Engagency over delivered.”
Stephen Moegling
Healthcare Marketing Firm

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