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Optimizely Co-Development & Training

CoDevelopment and Training
Optimizely Co-Development & Training

So you have a great team of .NET developers that are eager to implement and support your Optimizely implementation. You could send them to Optimizely Developer Certification Training, but you’re worried that it won’t be enough. There’s a good reason for that.

To make sure things get done the right way the first time, your developers need deep expertise in Optimizely and a few implementations under their belt. They need to know how to architect a solution according to Optimizely best practices, be able to review each other’s code and hold each other accountable, and feel certain that feature enhancements are going to work as expected.

To gain that level of expertise in an instant, your team needs a team – of Optimizely experts who have the knowledge and experience you all need to feel confident. We’ll train, coach, and work side-by-side with your developers to ensure they’re following all of the best practices. 

Let our team of senior Optimizely Certified Developers guide your team on the path to self-sufficiency. 

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How Our Developers Can Help
Optimizely Co-Development & Training includes a minimum of 270 hours of solution architecture and development planning, developer coaching, code reviews, training, and on-call support.
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What Our Clients Have to Say
Katie Desmond
We've had great success with ENGAGENCY. We’ve brought them into other projects, and they’ve pulled us into other projects too. We have a strong, positive engagement. In terms of our first project's success, our client now has a sound infrastructure that can be easily maintained and managed by non-technical staff.
Business Development Officer
Digital Agency
Catherine Van Evans
Their technical expertise is second to none, and I couldn’t ask for more from their project management. Our goals are their goals. In that way, they’re more like an extension of our team than an external vendor. Over these past two years, our relationship has gotten even better, and that’s definitely thanks to how integral they are to our team.
VP Digital & Marketing Services
Childcare Service Provider
zach gilliam
ENGAGENCY is very easy to work with. Their process is very clear and nothing is left up for interpretation and everything is well-documented. We have weekly calls to make sure we’re on track, and we also set up a Slack channel. In addition to email, ENGAGENCY also uses a ticketing system to capture any issues. It has been a great experience, which is unique for a website development project.
Senior Technical Director
Communications Agency

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