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Optimizely Managed Services

managed services
Optimizely Managed Services

You picked Optimizely and you got it implemented. Congratulations! 

You made a wise choice and you’re on your way to building the customer experience program of your dreams. You now have a content and commerce platform that is best in breed and you’ve laid the foundation. It’s easy and intuitive for your team to use and maintenance of the application is no longer a headache.

Traditional upgrades and the typical break-fix stuff are a thing of your past, so now you can just focus on moving forward on the rest of the digital transformation you’ve been wanting all along.

What if there was a team of Optimizely experts who could augment your team and help you implement everything on your wishlist, every month?

There is, and it’s called Optimizely Managed Services by Engagency.

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How Our Optimizely Managed Services Work

For Basic and Premium support, we provide hosting and application monitoring and support with up to 50 hours of support provided per month by our Optimizely Certified Support Team. For Dedicated Services, you buy a bucket of hours, and we build you a team specific to your needs.

When it comes to Optimizely Dedicated Services, we take a bit of an agile approach.

  • You’ll get a dedicated Project Manager and they’ll work with you to update and prioritize a list of things you want to get done, which will then be organized into two week “sprints”. 

  • You’ll work directly with our friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable Optimizely architects, developers, support engineers, trainers, UX designers, and content managers. 

  • You’ll get weekly or bi-weekly progress reports, status updates, and feedback from the team.

  • You’ll have regularly scheduled cadence calls to talk through what was completed and to prioritize items for the next two week "sprint".

Basic Support
Our Basic Support Plan provides up to 50 hours of support per month, between 9-5 CST Monday-Friday.
*assumes 1-year contract
Tier 3 Sitecore Managed Services
Premium Support
Our Premium Support Plan provides up to 50 hours of support per month, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
*assumes 1-year contract
Tier 2 Sitecore Managed Services
Dedicated Services
With Dedicated Services, you get premium support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year plus a dedicated team to devote to ongoing enhancements.  You determine the number of hours with a minimum of 100.
*assumes 1-year contract
Tier 1 Sitecore Managed Services
Engagency Enables Smooth Migration from Sitecore to Optimizely for Technology Services Provider
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What Is Included In Optimizely Managed Services?
What Our Clients Have to Say
Dhyana Pomaibo
We’re not their only client, and yet, it feels like we are. They’re constantly helping and interacting with us. They respond quickly. We have meetings that pop up at a moment's notice and someone calls into the meeting. It’s impressive to me that they don’t feel like an agency; Engagency feels like an extension of our team
Website Manager
Consulting Firm
Robert Pate
We wanted someone local to help us train new developers, so we asked around. Engagency had some of the highest ratings and best-looking projects. They’re awesome at what they do, but they’re also friendly and genuine. It’s a pleasure to work with them. They marry skill to good customer service.
Senior Web Developer
Catherine Van Evans
Their project management is outstanding. They have a very personal, but also pragmatic, touch. They bring the best talent to the table. They bring people who aren’t afraid to give you hard news. They tell us very quickly what we need to do to correct it. They’re incredible.
VP Digital & Marketing Services
Childcare Service Provider

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Engagency is here to serve and we’re happy to help. Set up a time to talk with us now.

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