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Sitecore Upgrades

Whatever your motivation for upgrading to the latest version of Sitecore – whether it’s performance issues, new functionality, or moving to the cloud – we're here to find you the most cost effective upgrade path, and make it an easy, seamless process. Shed technical debt, empower your team, and enjoy a better Sitecore experience with all the new features.

Let our team of Sitecore Support Engineers develop a plan and execute your upgrade flawlessly.

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How Our Sitecore Upgrades Work

Our Sitecore Upgrade process starts with thorough analysis and planning. We’ll identify modules that can’t be upgraded and any code that needs a rewrite.  Engagency works to ensure that you have zero downtime and the minimum time needed for a code and content freeze. Getting your site up and running is our top priority.

Before making any modifications to the codebase, we create test cases covering all major functionality and pages on your site to ensure that when the upgrade is completed, everything continues to work flawlessly. 

Once the test plan is in place, we start locally, upgrading a development version of the site, and doing a round of thorough QA there to find and fix any issues caused by the upgrade.  Once the local version has passed QA, we upgrade your servers from the lowest environment (usually Dev or QA) up to production.  For each server, we pull the latest backup from your database, ensure any code changes are merged in, and update the environment.  Before moving on, we do comprehensive testing in each environment.

Then, it’s up to you and your team to enjoy the faster performance, new functionality, and unmatched personalization capabilities of an expertly-upgraded Sitecore solution.

Planning a Sitecore Upgrade? Here's How to Choose the Right Partner
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Sitecore Upgrades:
Features and Benefits
Includes 100 hours of consulting, development, and testing. NOTE: Upgrades for new clients require a Sitecore Audit.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Adam Monago Headshot
“We were going into a global brand refresh at the time and upgrading to the latest version of Sitecore was necessary for the new global brand rollout. The site that [Engagency] helped us roll out supported a wide range of content preferences. We have a website that is much faster and more reliable—and that has grown on a number of dimensions. Our traffic has steadily increased from the first project we launched with them through every subsequent one. New visitors continue to increase and time-on-site has more than doubled. All metrics are moving in the right direction.”

VP of Digital & Performance Marketing
Consulting Firm

Nancy Lucas Headshot
“ENGAGENCY has worked on numerous projects for our company. Most recently, they updated our Sitecore DXP. They also created a video module for our platform and worked with a third-party partner to ensure our site was ADA compliant. They also run our testing procedures, providing timelines for all the work they do. We’ve been working with them since 2006, and the partnership is ongoing.”

Nancy Lucas
Digital Marketing Coordinator
SC Federal Credit Union

Digital Marketing Director
“We had recently gone through a Sitecore upgrade, but our developer botched the job. We were experiencing frequent issues and site shutdowns, so I needed a firm to repair the damage. Engagency conducted a thorough audit, evaluating our website according to Sitecore’s standards, and confirmed findings of a previous audit conducted prior to our engagement. They then identified trouble areas in our underlying code and offered suggestions for improvement. They’re now our full-time Sitecore developer.”

Digital Marketing Director
Advanced Material Manufacturer


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