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Sitecore Implementation Audit

Sitecore Audit

You know you need an audit when:

  • You’re experiencing performance issues and you didn’t get what you paid for
  • You’re changing Sitecore partners or you need justification for firing the one you hired
  • You’re getting ready to upgrade to the latest version of Sitecore
  • You’re planning to scale and enhance your Sitecore implementation, by adding new sites and functionality
  • You’re preparing to take advantage of everything Sitecore has to offer

Our 250+ point, Sitecore Implementation Audit gives you a clear understanding of where you are, and what you need to get you where you want to be.

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Here’s How Our Sitecore Audit Works

Our 5 step process allows us to tailor fit your audit to your organization’s individual needs and ensures you can take action on everything we find.
On our kick-off call we ask questions and listen to you. We want to understand your goals and how you want to use everything Sitecore has to offer. We want to get a complete list of the concerns and frustrations you have with your existing implementation.
We start with our standard 250+ point Sitecore Implementation Audit protocol, and then we investigate everything else that’s unique to your needs and implementation.
We’ve designed our 90 minute audit findings presentation call, and all of our deliverables to help each role in your organization make sense of the results, make informed decisions, and work as a team to develop an action plan.
Next, we prioritize remediation priorities, and have a look at your backlog and wish list to figure out a game plan for the next 3-6 months.
Once we’ve got a game plan, then we get to work. We can help you tackle your projects one at a time, or you can sign up for one of our Sitecore Managed Services plans and get a team of Sitecore experts helping you make progress, every month.

Learn More About Our Audits

We’d love to share examples of the reports, the presentation, and all the insights we provide – and send you a proposal that includes a complete overview of our 250+ point audit protocol.

See if a Sitecore Implementation Audit by Engagency is right for you.

5 Signs You Need a Sitecore Audit
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Sitecore Audits Help Your Team
Includes a minimum of 50 hours for discovery, site transfer and set up, code review, architecture and configuration analysis, documentation, and findings discussions.
What Our Clients Have To Say
Digital Marketing Director
“Our site uses standard B2B implementation and includes a number of connections with third-party databases and content sources. ENGAGENCY conducted a thorough audit, evaluating our website according to Sitecore’s standards, and confirmed findings of a previous audit conducted prior to our engagement. They then identified trouble areas in our underlying code and offered suggestions for improvement. They’re now our full-time Sitecore developer.“
Digital Marketing Director
Advanced Material Manufacturer and Engagency Sitecore Audit Client
Chris Andrew's Headshot
“Our site was riddled with performance issues that was costing us real dollars.  The site was consistently overloaded and failing during our primetime - dinner!  Engagency audited our implementation and was able to identify key issues and then quickly resolve them to eliminate the downtimes we were experiencing.  We could not be happier with the outcome.“

Chris Andrews,
Chief Information Officer, Pei Wei

Lisa Konupka Headshot
“We hired a firm previously that sold us on the Sitecore platform when we redid our website. Unfortunately during the development process we discovered that they did not know how to use Sitecore and were learning along with us, which was costing us more money. We needed a team that was more knowledgeable with the platform and could help us improve our site in an efficient manner. Engagency conducted a website audit and then immediately put into place changes that greatly enhanced website performance. “

Lisa Konupka,
Tunica Visitors Bureau


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