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Sitecore Support

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to retain an entire team of Sitecore experts who are dedicated to getting you the most value out of Sitecore and continually moving things forward?

Well you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got the tools, the team, the experience, and the commitment you need to solve your stability, publishing, performance, and deployment issues while keeping your costs at a minimum.

Whether you want to migrate to the cloud, upgrade your environment, or hire a whole team of Sitecore experts you can call day or night, we’ve got a solution for you.

We don’t offshore or nearshore any of our work. It’s all done by our team, at our office, in Austin, TX.

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Sitecore Support Services
Our Sitecore Support experts are ready and waiting to respond to every need and help you get the most out of Sitecore, with any of the following services.
Sitecore Audit

Our Sitecore Audit is a comprehensive assessment of your existing Sitecore implementation, conducted by our team of experts with 10+ years of Sitecore experience.

We’ll evaluate the current status and quality of work. Then we’ll provide recommendations on what corrective actions should be taken to prepare for future improvements, expansion, or performance tuning.

Includes a minimum of 50 hours for discovery, site transfer and setup, code review, architecture and configuration analysis, documentation, and findings discussions.
More about Sitecore Audits
Sitecore Audit
Sitecore Assessment

Our Sitecore Assessment is a completely free service that gives you a benchmark assessment of your Sitecore website, a library of resources that address your pain points, and dedicated time with our team of Sitecore experts – all with no strings attached. Seriously.

More About Our Free Sitecore Assessment
Sitecore Assessment
What Kind of Sitecore Support Do You Need?
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Sitecore Managed Services
sitecore managed services
Basic Support
Our Basic Support Plan gives you up to 50 hours of monitoring and support per month, and response times between 9-5 CST Monday-Friday.
sitecore managed services
Premium Support
Our Premium Support Plan gives you up to 50 hours of monitoring, and support per month, higher priority response times between 9-5 CST Monday-Friday, and 24/7 support.
sitecore managed services
Dedicated Services
Our Dedicated Services Plan gives you 100+ hours of enhancements, training, and support per month, 1st priority response times, and 24/7 support.
Sitecore Upgrades

Are you excited about the latest version of Sitecore, and eager to take advantage of all the new features and capabilities?

Our team of Sitecore Certified Support Engineers are here to help you determine the most economical upgrade path, and ensure a timely and successful upgrade. Our Sitecore Upgrade process starts with thorough analysis and planning – identifying modules that can’t be upgraded and code that needs a rewrite. We create a thorough test plan, perform the upgrade and make necessary modifications, and then conduct rigorous page-by-page testing.

Includes 100 hours of consulting, development, and testing. NOTE: Upgrades for new clients require a Sitecore Audit.
More about Sitecore Upgrades
Sitecore Upgrade
Sitecore Migration to Azure

Are you eager to host Sitecore on Azure, but a little overwhelmed by everything involved in planning, architecting, and implementing everything according to Sitecore best practices?

We feel your pain, and we have a solution that you're going to love. Let our Sitecore Certified Architects and Support Engineers help you plan, architect, price, spin up, and deploy all of your Sitecore sites on Azure PaaS.

Includes a minimum of 60 hours for technical requirements review and discussion, documentation, implementation, data migration, configuration, and testing.
sitecore migration to azure

What brings you here?

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What Our Clients Have To Say
Beth Jaskiewicz Headshot
“[Engagency is] extremely responsive to our needs, be it for immediate troubleshooting or simple site changes. That’s 24/7. It just wasn’t a week or two ago that I had to reach out to them during the weekend for assistance and, within a very short amount of time, on a Saturday morning, I got a phone call from one of the folks from Engagency.”

VP of Marketing
South Carolina Federal Credit Union

Adam Monago Headshot
“We reach out to [Engagency] frequently for ongoing support. If there are maintenance or other issues with the site, we have a dedicated mechanism to reach out to them for help on that. We have them on our 24/7 support mechanism for any kind of Sitecore production support. They’ve become such a great part of our team that we take part in that service.”

VP of Digital & Performance Marketing
Consulting firm

Megan Lueders Headshot
"Their specialty is in support and maintenance of the site, making it even better, and adding new features. They’re more of a long-term partner able to manage, support, and improve the Sitecore platform. Any and all needs related to maintaining a successful and efficient website using Sitecore can be fulfilled using Engagency.”

VP of Global Marketing
Telecommunications Company


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