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Sitecore Commerce Implementation

Sitecore Commerce implementation

There has never been a better time for manufacturers to sell direct to consumers. It's never been cheaper or easier to spin up the tech and the teams you need to market, sell, and distribute your own goods. Consumers want a direct relationship with the brands that they love and depend on. It's a good time to start reducing your dependence on retailers and distributors, resetting expectations about your brand and your buying experience, and putting those margins to better use.

If you’re a manufacturer with thousands of products and several types of buyers, then you need an enterprise e-commerce solution that allows you to personalize each individual's buying experience. You need an e-commerce solution that leverages marketing automation, content management, data, and insights.

Let our Sitecore Implementation Team help you craft a commerce solution that transforms your business, delights consumers, and helps you dominate the marketplace, with Sitecore Experience Commerce.

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How Our Sitecore Experience Commerce Implementation Works

At Engagency, our team of Sitecore Certified Consultants and Developers have over a decade of experience implementing commerce solutions for Sitecore clients. Here’s how our process works.

We'll work with you to map out the process of selling the product from warehouse to doorstep, defining the key transfer points of data information along the way.

Next, we define the categories and subcategories to be used on the site and then integrate with your ERP or PIM system to pull in the key data for products—including descriptions, images, and selectable characteristics such as color, price, and availability. We outline the process for ensuring that this data is available in real-time.

Working with the UX team, we document the flow from search to browsing to product selection and specification, as well as the process of adding to a cart and the steps the user will go through—keeping it as simple and streamlined as possible.

We integrate sales tax and shipping methods and apply those calculations, as well as discounts and bulk pricing.

Working with your ERP system and/or a third party authorization solution, we'll handle credit card processing and the various potential errors that can occur which need to be handled seamlessly to keep the user in the sales flow. Next, data is pushed to your ERP and/or Warehousing applications.

Post-sale communications are mapped out including email responses, the ability to track an order, and communication with the support department.

Start to finish, the process should feel easy and intuitive for the user, despite the complexity of the moving parts behind the scenes.


Legrand gave consumers not only the ability to research its products online, but to buy them direct—in just four months
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Sitecore Commerce: Features and Benefits
Includes a minimum of 1,100 hours of consulting, planning, installation, configuration, architecture, development, QA, and project management.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Dhyana Pomaibo
"The clients and our company as a whole have been exceedingly happy with the product. On the day of the website launch, we had the largest amount of website visitors during a 24-hour period."
Website Manager, Consulting Firm
Kevin Vallez Headshot
"We didn't think it was possible to architect an entire solution for online selling direct to consumers within 4 months - but Engagency pulled it off!  They worked with us every step of the way, leading the charge in how the data moved in and out of our ERP system.  We could not have done it without them."

Kevin Vallez, Director of eCommerce, Legrand North America

Vikram Ramnath Headshot
"Engagency is very collaborative and client-centric. Reliable and experienced, their team can guide us through each process and help us prioritize improvements going forward."
IT Program Manager, Children’s Education Group

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