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Sitecore Search Implementation

Sitecore Site Search Implementation

If you have a complex site that features hundreds of people, thousands of products, or tons and tons of white papers and articles, then search is one of the most important website experiences you should invest in.

In situations like this, if you skimp on search, prospects will quickly become frustrated and go elsewhere. But with a helpful and intuitive search experience, prospects will find what they need, make a purchase, and keep coming back for more.

Let our Sitecore Implementation Team help you make your search experience a key differentiator and a competitive advantage. Our goal is to make your search experience so intuitive, helpful, and convenient that people choose you instead of your competitors. And they become loyal lifetime customers because you took the time to create a buying experience that shows how much you care.

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How Sitecore Search Implementation Works

Before we begin any search implementation at Engagency, we have to do a bit of searching ourselves—starting with you and your audience. We’ll work with you to understand what’s important to you and your visitors to provide a meaningful search experience.

At the forefront of a good search experience is analysis—we benchmark your current search experience against both your competitors and common search best practices.  We've developed a system to evaluate and score your current search experience to provide insight into your strengths and weaknesses.

Next, we analyze your data. What are your current users searching for, either on your site or on Google? How does what is being searched map to what you want your users to find? What data are you storing on your content that is useful? What are you missing?  What are the key relationships between content on your site, such as products and solutions or products and related articles? Are your keywords in line with how your customers think about what you have to offer? If not, how can we use technology to bridge that gap?

After looking at what content and data we have to work with, we focus on your goals. What are you ultimately trying to lead your customers toward? Do you have different audiences and what are the differences in their needs? For example, are you trying to provide a great experience to technicians AND to every day users? How can both be accommodated?

Based on the combination of known data and your goals, we'll craft a recommendation that covers key areas such as user experience, type-ahead strategies, search content categorizations, filtering and faceting, promoted content, natural language searching, and more. This will be presented and we'll have a conversation around priorities to hone in on what is best for you.

Once we have a clear sense of what we're building, we'll make a recommendation on the search technology to use. With Sitecore, popular choices include Solr and Coveo.  

With the search technology chosen, we'll create a detailed Search Functional Specification which outlines how search will be built—from indexing data to search weighting and relevance to look and feel. This will also outline the content needed from you and how you'll put this content into Sitecore.

Finally, we build the search functionality based on a set of 10-15 "training" items which help us analyze the algorithms at work. Once these are working well, search is tested against a larger set of test cases, typically including about 100 items.

On completion, you'll have a search function on your site that is driving your users to the content most relevant to them and most beneficial to you.


Things to Consider When Planning Your Search Implementation for Sitecore
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Implementing Search on Your Sitecore Site
Includes a minimum of 100 hours for consulting, planning, installation, configuration, development, QA, and project management.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Kevin Vallez Headshot
"Engagency really delivered. With over 30,000 products in over 50 categories plus extensive relationships to specific product documentation, to say our implementation was complicated would be a huge understatement. Engagency guided us through a process to land on an implementation that feels simple to the user, despite the complexity of the data. We couldn't be happier with the results!"

Kevin Vallez, Director of Digital Marketing, Legrand US

Kevin McConnell Headshot
"Time was running out to get our Search solution off of Google Search Appliance before the Google ceased its service.  Engagency had a process that helped us not only move our solution from one software to another, but also provided a huge boost in search accuracy.  And we hit the deadline!"

Director of Internal Development, IT Solution Provider

Stephen Moegling Headshot
"Engagency did a great job of helping us with some very advanced user interface tactics and search capabilities."

Partner, Healthcare Marketing Firm


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