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Sitecore Architects

Sitecore Solution Architecture

Implement Sitecore without a proper architecture, and you’re just asking to fail.

A proper Sitecore Architecture starts with a comprehensive document, developed by Sitecore experts who know how to create a pleasant experience both for the website visitor and the content editor. They know how to translate designs into re-usable components following Sitecore Helix principles and development best practices. These experts understand the software development lifecycle, and how to balance your technology needs and your business goals.

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How Our Sitecore Architecture Process Works

Our team of Sitecore Architects has over a decade of experience planning large-scale implementations. We believe that the success of any project depends on the quality of the technical architecture done at the beginning. We’re ready to help you get your implementation project started off on the right foot.

We’ll start by reviewing the wireframes and designs provided which outline the intended look and feel of key aspects of your site. Based on these we identify the key page types and design patterns that can be translated into individual content modules to be used on the site.

During discovery, we’ll lead a discussion with your team to understand other key aspects of the project such as other Sitecore functionality you intend to incorporate, specifics around how various components work, and any specific needs your content editors may have. Some of the information we’re sussing out may include:

  • Differentiating between content that is specific to a type of page vs content that appears across page types.  
  • For design patterns that appear on multiple pages, will the content developed belong solely to one page or will some of the content appear in various parts of the site?  Testimonials, for example are typically the same content, but displayed in multiple places.
  • Are there any key relationships between different content types?  Products and Resources for example?
  • Will your Sitecore solution require additional functionality, such as search, Salesforce integration, or multi-language support?
  • Will any personalization be applied now or in a future phase?  Is there an outline of how and where that may be applied already?
  • What level of technical knowledge will your content editors have? For specific modules, will flexibility or standardization be more important?
  • Which team members need access to the DXP, will different members need access to different types of content?  Is there a need for review and approval of content?

Based on our findings, we’ll put together a detailed Sitecore Architecture Document.  This defines the building blocks in Sitecore that will be used to create the site - including layouts, renderings, and data templates.  This vital piece of documentation serves as ground zero for your implementation, outlining how your content will be structured, what pages and modules will be created, and how content will be editable within Sitecore. 

With buy-in from you and all the necessary stakeholders, a solid Sitecore Architecture Document ensures that everyone is on the same page, and on board with the plan—from brainstorming to launch.

10 Tips to Architect Your Sitecore Implementation Like a Pro
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How Our Architects Can Help
Sitecore Architecture includes a minimum of 100 hours for requirements gathering, solution consulting, architecture document creation, discussion and guidance.
What Our Clients Have To Say
Brian Strickler Headshot
“We were not only looking for application and code vetting but also had Engagency do a technical database and application architecture review. I was surprised with the fact that Engagency was able to do this type of analysis at such a fast pace. I was also impressed with the personal touch from our contact. Engagency never pressured us into a deal and adapted the bid to our needs. Engagency was also good at listening to our challenges and offered to help with the interview process for certain resources we needed. Our experience with them has led me to believe that Engagency has many good relationships with other customers.”
Director, Core Enterprise & Ecommerce for Wireless Provider
Adam Monago Headshot
“Alongside the actual featured delivery, [Engagency is] always very attentive to help us find ways to optimize performance on the backend. One of the things that struck us right away was that they were thinking about how to focus on delivery while giving us guidance on how to make the site more flexible for the future. They’ve been strong contributors to ensure a very strong, performing site overall. It comes through in the fact that we’re winning more work and being entrusted with bigger projects.”
VP of Digital & Performance Marketing, Consulting Firm
Dhyana Pomaibo
“We worked with [Engagency] on a couple of large projects. One of them was rebranding and rebuilding a subsection of our company. We had 10–15 acquisition sites that we were trying to combine into one creative-looking sub-brand on our website. It’s a tough job to build out a site when the creative team is asking you to make it look identical to the designs they made without any knowledge of how it worked on the backend. [Engagency] helped us through the entire process including after we launched the site. The clients and our company as a whole have been exceedingly happy with the product.”
Website Manager, Consulting Firm
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