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Front-End Web Developer

Austin-Based, But Remote OK!
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Front-End Web Developer

Are you a front-end web developer with a heart of gold?

We’re building an elite team of web developers, fit to serve the world's leading companies.

Call us idealists, but we don’t think it’s too much to ask...we’re looking for:

We're looking for hardworking Front-End Web Developers with curious minds and servants' hearts.

  • This is not just a brochure site/Wordpress shop. We’re helping $500M - $10B companies deploy, enhance, and support Sitecore and Optimizely, the most sophisticated and highly rated .NET web content managements and digital marketing platform in the industry. 
  • We're looking for people who are self-motivated and don't require coddling or micro-management to go the extra mile. 
  • We’re building an elite team of web architects, developers, data analysts, and support engineers, fit to serve the world's leading companies. 


Skills & Requirements

1). Required - A Minimum of 3 web development projects that required you to implement a modern responsive framework (such as Twitter Bootstrap).  Please include links to examples of your work in your response.


2).  Required - Extensive experience with responsive UI frameworks


3). Required - Extensive experience with HTML, CSS, and Javascript


4). Required - Proven ability to learn quickly in a fast-paced environment


5). Desired - Experience with Content Management Systems, WordPress, Drupal OK. Sitecore or Optimizely preferred

6). Desired - Familiarity with C# and ASP.NET Web Forms and/or ASP.NET MVC


We’re dedicated to your personal and professional growth

Engagency is much more than a place to work, it’s a place to learn, to lead, and to grow. We’ve created a place where you’re encouraged to explore and develop your skills and interests, both personally and professionally. 

You’ll work independently with the support of a highly collaborative team on projects with high visibility for brands with a global reach. You’ll learn to write useful documentation, and provide world-class support.

Depending on your interests and abilities, you’ll also have an opportunity to learn C# and ASP.NET / MVC to work toward becoming a Full Stack Developer.  You may also contribute to technical architecture, training, consulting, sales, and blogging.

Good Character = Good Culture

At Engagency, culture is the natural result of attracting good people. We believe that a good company culture depends as much on what you give, as what you get. It’s the character of each individual that defines us. It’s our values and motivations that bind us. It’s something that each member of our team has the privilege and the responsibility to help define, nurture and protect.

Help us save the web

At Engagency, you will use responsive UI frameworks and some limited C# / ASP.NET MVS to make the web a better place. You will integrate HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, MVC, Enterprise IT, and Cloud applications with Sitecore, the world's leading .NET Content Management System (CMS) used by thousands of mid-market and enterprise companies around the globe. You will help create automated, personalized digital marketing and commerce experiences that are so responsive, helpful, and relevant, that buying always feels like a joy. We call that a “MeCommerce Experience” and you will get paid to usher in the future of the web development industry and bring a personal touch back to the buying process, for millions of people every day. 



We are unable to provide H1B sponsorship at this time.


We are unable to work with candidates represented by a third party at this time. We ask that all recruiters respect our policy and do not contact us.