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What is Sitecore Helix and Why Do I Care?

What exactly is Sitecore Helix, and why should you care? Learn all about Sitecore Helix and what it means for your company’s Sitecore implementation.


Feb 28, 2022

You may have heard terms like “Helix” being tossed around as you’ve spoken with Sitecore Account Managers or developers. What exactly is Sitecore Helix, and why should you care?

More importantly, how does whether or not a developer follows Sitecore Helix best practices affect your company’s Sitecore implementation?

What is Sitecore Helix?

Sitecore Helix is a set of official guidelines and best practices for implementing Sitecore, developed by the Sitecore team themselves. The principles are designed to help Sitecore partners implement Sitecore in the most efficient, sustainable, and flexible way possible.

Here are 5 reasons why you should demand your developers follow Sitecore Helix principals when implementing your Sitecore site:

1. You’ll enjoy a faster time-to-market.

Do you want your Sitecore implementation completed and live as soon as possible? Helix can help with that.

Your Sitecore team will benefit from having a solid starting point from which to build out pages, modules, and entire sites in an efficient manner while avoiding integration and messy code.

2. Your implementation will be easier to maintain.

The benefits of Helix don’t stop when your initial implementation is live. A clean, modular Sitecore solution built on its architectural principles will be easier to maintain.

That means your Sitecore team can spend less time fixing bugs and maintaining your implementation, and more time implementing new features that will make your marketing team happy.

3. Your implementation will be more stable.

When your Sitecore developers use Helix principles to build your solution, feature enhancements and changes that touch existing code are less likely to introduce bugs and create unintended consequences.

With Sitecore Helix, delayed deployments and abandoned marketing projects can be a thing of the past. Your implementation will be more stable.

4. You can easily reuse components across your site.

When your Sitecore developers build components using Helix’s modular architecture, those components will naturally be re-usable across sites and tenants.

That makes it easier for everyone to use your Sitecore implementation. It will also be easier to build out new pages and sections for your site.

5. Troubleshooting is much easier.

Because Helix follows a set of consistent best practices, it’s easier to troubleshoot or identify performance issues when they come up.

This Sitecore-backed methodology also lends a consistency to your implementation that makes it easier for you to troubleshoot or transition to a new Sitecore partner without them having to dig in too deeply to find the issue.

If you don’t follow Helix best practices, what could go wrong?

When your Sitecore developers don’t follow Sitecore Helix best practices, they’re not setting you up for success. It will be more difficult for your team to use existing components across sites and tenants. Modifying your existing functionality will take more time, and it will take longer for new features to be released.

However, it is important to keep in mind that Sitecore Helix is set of principles that are open to interpretation, not step-by-step directions that guarantee your site will be built properly. You still need a team of Sitecore experts who have a deep understanding of what these guidelines mean and how to apply them. An experienced Sitecore partner will not only incorporate these principles, but also build upon them, based on their own expertise architecting and implementing Sitecore for clients.

If you’d like to learn more about Helix and how it could improve your Sitecore implementation, let’s talk.

What is Sitecore Helix and Why Do I Care

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