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Unum Responsive Redesign Implementation

Using the Sitecore CMS, Engagency provided insurance client Unum with a fully responsive website that optimized all of their content for mobile devices.


Feb 25, 2022


More than 80,000 employers in the United States offer their employees Unum group disability benefits.

Recognizing that today’s consumers are increasingly managing their financial lives on mobile devices, Unum recently relaunched its new digital presence on Sitecore, presenting a responsive website that optimizes all of Unum’s content – including its popular benefit calculators and education pieces – for mobile devices. To accomplish this significant task efficiently and effectively, Unum worked with two separate digital firms: valued Sitecore partner Engagency and creative firm Mad*Pow.


After moving its existing web content to the Sitecore platform in 2012, Unum embarked on an ambitious plan to redesign the site which, as Howell says, “was really two separate projects: creating the user experience, and then optimizing it with Sitecore.” Howell and his team had already established strong relationships with Sitecore specialist Engagency, which had implemented Unum’s initial site on Sitecore, and Mad*Pow, a research-driven design and creative agency.

Since the conversations we have with customers are increasingly digital, it was important for our new site to take advantage of every aspect of Sitecore’s deep capabilities,” Howell says, adding,Engagency, as a certified Sitecore partner, had the knowledge and experience to bring Mad*Pow’s creative concepts to life on the Sitecore platform,” launching the new site in September 2013.


With the new website, Unum started the development process by identifying audiences, their needs, and what they needed to get out of the site. Based on this research, Unum defined its key requirements, top of which included optimizing the site for mobile users.

Sitecore’s exceptional mobile capabilities served as the basis for Unum’s mobile development effort, executed by Engagency. Jason Perry, President and CEO of Engagency, says, “We implemented everything on the Unum website in a responsive design, for optimal performance on smartphones and tablets.” This enabled Unum’s technical team to easily port the company’s popular interactive calculators, which help people figure out their disability and life insurance needs, to the new mobile platform. Unum consumers’ high use of the mobile calculators, and the entire mobile site, has “exceeded expectations.”


As Howell and his team have begun working with the site on an everyday basis, he is pleased to realize strong benefits from another of the reasons Unum chose Sitecore: ease of management.

Sitecore makes it easy for Unum to manage the website from any level. It gives marketers the flexibility and power to create and publish content without having to involve the IT department. For example, Sitecore enables Unum to segment a workflow process and user control by responsibility or task, change content and publish it immediately.

Sitecore’s experience platform has even made the good relationship we had with our IT folks, better,” Howell says. “Sitecore allows IT to keep its strategic role in our company’s digital presence, while allowing the marketing group to handle many of our own day-to-day needs. We have the control and power we need, without losing the benefits of having that strategic relationship with IT.

Technical Description

Sitecore DXP

HP Autonomy Search

51Degrees Mobile Device Detection

Twitter Bootstrap


jQuery Colorbox


With certifications in Optimizely, Sitecore, Digizuite, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Engagency is a trusted digital transformation partner that specializes in implementation, managed services, enablement, and training.

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