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B2B Case Study: Salesforce Integration Powers Personalized Pricing

In this case study, Engagency developed a solution that allowed a B2B retailer to display personalized pricing for distributors based on their Salesforce data.


Mar 01, 2022


The Client sells server racks and tables to distributors, who receive different pricing discounts based on how much they sell. Each distributor’s account data, including their pricing tier, is stored within Salesforce.

The Client wanted distributors to be able to browse the entire product catalog on their website, displayed with pricing specific to their tier. The Client also wanted to allow or disallow access to certain pages on their website, based on the user permissions for the specific person who was logged in. For example, a distributor’s salesperson didn’t need to be able to add or remove users. They only needed to view the pricing, while an administrator would need access to everything.

The Client selected Engagency based on their experience developing applications that used Salesforce data to power personalization on enterprise websites.


Engagency got to work implementing a sophisticated login system on the Client’s public-facing website. Once a distributor logged in, the solution pulled in their data from Salesforce, and used that to control the pricing they saw, and which pages of information they had access to.

When distributors clicked the login button, Salesforce acted as the authentication system, logging them in simultaneously to the Client’s public-facing website as well as the portal that housed the product catalog and purchasing functionality. Whether a distributor navigated the product catalog or toggled back to a page on the main website, the entire experience felt seamless because they were already logged into both. 

Once logged in, Salesforce accounts and contacts data was used to display the correct pricing on the website across nearly 1,000 products. This was replicated in real-time so that the distributor’s personalized pricing was displayed across both product pages, as well as product category pages and search results pages.

To support business growth, Engagency developed an interface that allowed new, prospective customers to sign up for an account as a guest distributor. This enabled them to access the full product catalog without discounts. Once their account was approved, their product catalog would be updated with the appropriate pricing information based on their Salesforce data. 

At that point, each distributor could add an administrator and other types of users, each with their own levels of access. For example, salespeople could access pricing, but would not be able to add or modify other user permissions. 

We implemented personalization sitewide — even down to the navigation menu. For example, if a user did not have access to a particular page, it would not show up as an option in their menu,” shared Drew Dishman, Engagency’s Certified Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer. “Designing it in this way enabled us to reduce friction in the user experience, while ensuring accurate pricing was displayed at all times based on each distributor’s Salesforce accounts and contacts data.


Prior to partnering with Engagency, the Client had no online sales portal. They relied on an archaic web-based system that required distributors to login and navigate through multiple pages to access a single product before they could add it to their cart. For each additional product, they had to repeat the cumbersome process. 

Now that the custom pricing was integrated into the Client’s search mechanism, distributors could easily see multiple products at a glance, displayed with their personalized pricing, and add multiple products to their cart. This significantly streamlined the sales process for the Client and their distributors, improving the user experience and enabling better conversion rates.


With certifications in Optimizely, Sitecore, Digizuite, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Engagency is a trusted digital transformation partner that specializes in implementation, managed services, enablement, and training.

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