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How to Rebuild Your Sitecore Team after Downsizing

Everyone is feeling the pressure to downsize internally, and you made the tough decision to do so. Now that you've made the cut, how do you rebuild your Sitecore team to maintain and optimize your business? Here's how we would rebuild.


Mar 01, 2022

You’ve just let your internal web team go. Now, how do you rebuild your Sitecore team and move forward?

The reality is that 65 percent of CMOs are preparing for budget cuts in the months ahead, according to Gartner. So whether you just finished your third round of layoffs or you’re preparing for the first, everyone is feeling it right now.

The pressure to cut costs is high these days and will remain so for the foreseeable future. But once you cut deep, how do you rebuild and continue delivering the results your C-Suite expects?

In times like these, we’ve found that the most effective approach is to rebuild your team in phases. By leveraging a mix of internal and external resources, you can rebuild your Sitecore team to maintain things now, and position them for growth later. 

Here’s a process you should consider:

Phase One: Sign a support contract with an external vendor while you can still get a deal

Hire a Sitecore Partner now before demand bounces back to pre-crisis levels. 

Now is a great time to negotiate a new contract with a Sitecore Managed Services provider, and get a great deal for the next 12 months. Maybe you’ll get a 5% discount on a 12 month contract, but that’s something and it should make your bosses happy.

At Engagency, our Sitecore Managed Services offer you a complete team of Sitecore experts who use an agile approach, and support you on an ongoing basis. Choose a bucket of hours and we’ll adjust resources to meet your constantly changing needs. Learn more about your Sitecore support options.

Phase Two: Work with your vendor to rebuild “tiger teams”

As you start hiring and rebuilding your internal team, work with your Sitecore partner to figure out what roles and skill sets you need to form “tiger teams.”

Originating from the military, the term “tiger team” was made famous by NASA, who deployed a tiger team to get astronauts back to earth safely during the Apollo 13 mission. Tiger teams are typically a team of technical specialists, selected for their tactical experience, energy, and ingenuity to solve problems under pressure, particularly during a crisis.

To solve a crisis for your marketing organization, a tiger team could be deployed to re-design and re-build your website on the latest version of Sitecore. You could deploy another to diagnose and remediate all of the technical debt you’ve acquired over months (or years) of neglect. To ensure continuity and diversity of skill sets, we recommend you consider composing tiger teams of a mix of internal and external resources.

At Engagency, we can help you analyze the health of your Sitecore implementation, determine what the mission is, design your tiger team, map out a hiring plan, and make sure they’re well equipped to succeed with properly personalized training. 

That brings us to phase three.

Phase Three: Move towards self-sufficiency by having your external vendors train your new internal team

Once your tiger teams have accomplished their missions, it’s time to shift gears and start thinking about how to build a more sustainable model.

Your Sitecore Development Tiger Team ensured your redesign implementation went off without a hitch, when you were forced to let go of your internal team. Once you start rebuilding your internal team to focus more on maintenance, your external partner can show them the ropes and guide them towards self-sufficiency.

At Engagency, our Sitecore Training Services are personalized to each user role with step-by-step instructions and screenshots of your actual Sitecore implementation. Our dedicated trainers walk you through your personalized training material on a recorded Zoom call, answer questions along the way, and give you a video to refer back to at a later date. 

Trust Engagency to be your tiger team when time is of the essence—be it rescuing you from a bad situation and cleaning up the mess, or implementing a new code base, built on Sitecore best practices.

Then, when you’re ready to shift gears, we’ll help familiarize your internal team with your implementation, so they can utilize and take ownership of your site. From code reviews and documentation to on-call troubleshooting and 1-on-1 coaching, we’ll cover everything they need to know. Learn more about our Sitecore Co-Development & Enablement services.

Ready to Rebuild? 

Whatever phase you’re at right now, Engagency can help. From Managed Services to Co-Development and Training, our mission is to enable our clients to get the most out of Sitecore.

Let’s work together to support your website, build your tiger team, and set your organization up for the future. Schedule a time to talk now.

How to Rebuild Your Sitecore Team After Downsizing

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