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How Good UX Design Converts Leads Into Customers

Good UX design offers a return of $100 for every $1 invested. Here's how UX designers create experiences that convert leads into customers.


Mar 01, 2022

For every $1 invested in user experience (UX) design, companies see a return of $100, according to Forrester.

How can UX design deliver such an outstanding ROI? 

By designing your website in a way that converts visitors and leads into customers.

Good UX design reduces frustration and friction for your user, so they can quickly find the action you want them to take. The faster they get there, the lower their chances of abandoning your site. And if you make it a positive experience along the way, the higher their likelihood of ultimately converting.

That’s the secret to UX success. Here’s how it works.

UX Designers Create Experiences That Are Easy and Distraction-Free

A positive user experience is designed with the intent of encouraging your customers down the funnel. There are two key ways that strong UX design transforms leads into customers:

  1. Making it easy for users to take the action you want them to take. A good UX designer will make it easy for your visitors to find your lead form by putting it in the place they expect to click, above the fold. They’ll also design the CTA buttons to have a bright color that contrasts with the rest of your site (while remaining on brand), so your visitors can’t help but click them.
  2. Removing obstacles that could distract them along the way. A well-designed landing page removes navigation and links to other pages, so your visitors are not distracted by other places they could go. A savvy UX designer will ensure the purpose of the page is clearly understandable, so your leads have no question about which action they should take next.

The ultimate goal of UX design? Making it easy for your visitors to do what you want them to do, and removing anything that might distract them from taking that action. 

Results You Can Expect From Good UX Design

User experience design is about giving your visitors blinders so they go down the exact path you want them to take. UX designers rely on user research, testing, and best practices to make that path as easy as possible for them, while enabling them to trust that when they engage with your site, they know what they’re going to get. 

As a result of their work, your organization can enjoy results like:

  • Higher revenues. According to Forrester, well-executed UX design can lead to a conversion rate lift of 200% to 400%. And, the more a company invests in design, the higher their sales, according to a study by global venture capital firm NEA.
  • Lower bounce rates. When users aren’t frustrated, they’re a lot more likely to meander down the path you want them to take. Good UX design eases their path to purchase, preventing site and cart abandonment. When a website has a poor user experience, on the other hand, 88% of users say they won’t go back.
  • Increased customer retention. The goal of UX designers is to build user trust. Their entire design is developed in a way to make your users feel more comfortable and trusting of your organization, so they’re more likely to fill out your lead form or add something to their cart. That trust pays off in higher customer retention rates – to the tune of 44% to 88% higher.

UX designers can be your catalyst for change. They know how to figure out why you’re not converting, and they know what to recommend to make sure you do. 

The Best UX Design for Long-Term Success

The best UX design is one that’s constantly iterating. User experience design is not a one-and-done process. UX designers continuously check and recheck your user data, test new designs, and refine their recommendations to ensure that your leads have the journey you expect them to have.

Just as technology is constantly evolving, so are your users. Having an experienced UX designer on your side can help your organization ensure that you keep up with their needs and expectations. 

How does your user experience design stack up? Contact Engagency about our user experience design service. Our expert team of UX designers and developers work side by side to give your users the best experience, and your brand the best results. Set up a time to talk now.


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