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Case Study: Global Cloud Company Migrates to Sitecore in 3 Months

Are you having issues with your current DXP? Check out how Engagency got a global cloud company up and running on Sitecore in just 3 months.


Mar 01, 2022



NICE inContact is a global provider of cloud-based call center solutions for organizations of all sizes. NICE inContact had been hosting their site on ExpressionEngine but they wanted to upgrade to a more sophisticated DXP. In particular, they were sold by the advanced personalization capabilities, workflow, and overall approach to customer experience offered by Sitecore. 

Sitecore offered a large slate of capabilities that interested NICE inContact, but they didn’t have the time or budget to implement everything at once. They decided to take a phased approach. Phase one would be to transition their site to Sitecore as quickly as possible, with the following phases dedicated to iterating and implementing new features and capabilities. 

NICE inContact approached Engagency with the following request: They wanted a way to migrate the content directly from their old site into Sitecore, while maintaining the same look and feel and without any impact to SEO. Engagency proposed a Sitecore Lift & Shift. Their site would be transitioned to Sitecore, with all of the content, functionality, and URL structure intact — in just 3 months.


Engagency’s Lift & Shift implementation process is systematically designed to transition clients to Sitecore as quickly as possible, while following Sitecore best practices and making style enhancements to improve the basic look and feel. In all, the process takes just 3 months.


The first month is dedicated to discovery, setup, and designing the UX and solution architecture for the new site. Before development began, Engagency first worked to map the existing content to a new Sitecore architecture that consisted of a well-planned set of page templates and modules. This architecture would lay the foundation for both developing the code for the site, and also a plan for migrating the content onto the new Sitecore site.

Next, Engagency gathered branding and visual assets from the NICE inContact team and recreated them in the new environment, while making them ADA compliant. 

NICE inContact had plans to improve the site’s styling and functionality in future phases, so the Engagency team took care to ensure that the code could be easily leveraged and extended in the future — creating a stable foundation for NICE inContact to add new modules and functionality or change the styling.


The Engagency team set up hosting on Azure PaaS to gain the benefits of a modern cloud hosting architecture. Additionally, an automated build and deployment to Azure was set up using AppVeyor to streamline the deployment process.

With the solution built, the Engagency team got started preparing for the content migration. The URL structure was replicated so that all of the links — and the SEO that went along with them — would be preserved when the new site launched. 

Page structures were also copied over using new modules in Sitecore. The Engagency team built templates for all of the pages that would be migrated from the NICE inContact Site, from simple pages like a blog article or landing page to more complex pages like a resource finder or event calendar. Site search functionality was also implemented using Sitecore features.


As part of any Lift & Shift, Engagency includes Personalized User Training. During this time, clients are given personalized instruction and documentation, illustrated with screenshots of their specific implementation, that teaches each team member how to perform the tasks required by their role. 

After training, Engagency offers clients the opportunity to be involved with the actual content migration. This allows their team to put into practice the knowledge they gained during training. 

NICE inContact was up to the challenge. The Engagency team developed scripts to automatically port all of the structured content over. For everything else, the Engagency team worked side-by-side with the NICE inContact team to build out pages in Sitecore, leveraging a combination of automated and manual techniques. The content for two additional international sites, UK and Australia, were also migrated at this time.

Once the content migration was complete, Engagency performed thorough QA testing, submitted the site to NICE inContact for final review and approval, and launched!


From NICE inContact’s perspective, the transition between the old ExpressionEngine site and the new Sitecore site was a seamless process.

Thanks to comprehensive, personalized user training and the stability of the solution, NICE inContact was able to begin using the powerful capabilities of Sitecore immediately after launch. They could take the pages and modules that were built and iterate on them with ease to grow the site. Additionally, NICE inContact could now make use of Sitecore features like multi-site/multi-language, workflows and versioning.

Moreover, NICE inContact could build new functionality, reskin and redesign the site. They’ve since transitioned more of their site into Sitecore, such as their blog, which had previously been running on a separate WordPress instance. Because they are now on Sitecore, with a solid architecture and a modern codebase following best practices such as Helix, subsequent development has been efficient and painless. 

NICE inContact continues to partner with Engagency on getting the most value out of their investment by implementing a series of new features that leverage Sitecore’s native functionality, such as improved search, a robust workflow system, and module-driven pages. The next project is a website redesign which includes enhancing their current Sitecore modules and developing new custom modules. The Engagency team is also implementing multi-region functionality to allow NICE to serve audiences in different regions via multi-language support and location-specific content.


With certifications in Optimizely, Sitecore, Digizuite, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Engagency is a trusted digital transformation partner that specializes in implementation, managed services, enablement, and training.

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