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Customer Engagement Cookbook: Individualized Vacation Offers


create individualized vacation deals using sitecore cms

This Customer Engagement Recipe from Engagency uses a little explicit personalization to maximize transaction rates, by sending relevant vacation deals to your existing customers.



  1. Obtain Vacation Purchase History data from your own CRM or eCommerce system. 
  2. Connect Vacation Purchase History data to Customer Experience Profiles using the Sitecore Experience Database
  3. Send a Vacation Preferences survey request email campaign to all existing customers using the Sitecore Email Experience Manager. Offer to personalize their vacation deal offers based on their preferences.
  4. Collect and connect Vacation Preference data to the Customer Experience Profile using the Sitecore Experience Database
  5. Create one or more vacation deals for each Vacation Preference type, and create content 
  6. In the Sitecore Email Experience Manager, configure an email campaign that promotes all of your vacation deals related to each one of the Vacation Preferences they selected. Order the vacation deals by Vacation Purchase History. If they indicated that they prefer a certain type of vacation, and you can verify their stated preferences by their Vacation Purchase History, then place the vacation deals associated with their Verified Vacation Preferences, at the top of the email.
  7. Launch and watch your transaction rates soar.