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5 Benefits of Sitecore Managed Services by Sitecore

You have your Sitecore implementation in place, but now you have to worry about maintenance. You're considering an internal support team but here's 5 Benefits of Sitecore Managed Services to consider first.


Mar 01, 2022

So, you’ve been thinking about how to support your Sitecore implementation. Maybe you’ve been considering a Sitecore Managed Services model, but you’re on the fence about hiring an internal support team instead.

When you’re trying to decide between internal vs. external support – you need to consider the breadth of skill sets you need, how much time, energy, and money it requires to recruit and retain a team of Sitecore experts, and how much flexibility you want in terms of expenses or resourcing.

If you’re considering Sitecore Managed Services, here are five benefits you can count on when you choose Engagency as your Managed Services partner.

1. A flexible yet predictable operating expense (OpEx)

Our Sitecore Managed Services plans are designed to be flexible. You choose from a bucket of hours (50, 60, or 80) to be used each month however you need them.

Got some front-end work that needs to be done? Check. Have some new hires that need to be trained on Sitecore? You got it. Want our team of Sitecore Architects to scope out your new microsite? No problem.

Whatever it is you need — from bug fixes to new features and site enhancements — we’re here to serve.

2. An agile methodology that pivots according to your priorities

We use an agile approach for all our projects at Engagency, including Managed Services. When you sign up for a Sitecore Managed Services plan with Engagency, you’ll get a dedicated Project Manager who’s committed to making sure your projects get delivered on time and on budget.

You’ll have a weekly standup meeting with your Engagency team working on your projects where you can get status updates, ask questions, or bring up new priorities or needs. During this meeting, your Project Manager will review everything that’s been completed since your last meeting, and plan the next sprint.

3. A dedicated team of experts on-call and ready to help when you need us

While the weekly standup meeting is your dedicated time to connect with your Managed Services team, our dedication doesn’t stop there. Our doors are always open.

If you run into a bug, have a question, or a random thought pops into your head, we’re just a phone call or email away! Our team of experts are standing by and eager to help with any needs you may have.

4. A diverse team with a breadth of services and talent

When you have a Sitecore Managed Services plan with Engagency, you’ve got access to a whole team of Sitecore experts, including:

  • Sitecore Architect

  • Senior Project Manager

  • Sitecore Support Engineer

  • Full-Stack Developer

  • Back-End Developer

  • Front-End Developer

  • Training and Documentation Specialist

  • QA Specialist

  • MarTech Specialist

When a Project Manager assigns one of your projects to your Managed Services team, it doesn’t just get farmed out to some offshore team. All of your requests are handled by our in-house experts that are dedicated to your account and are continually involved in your ongoing support.

5. A constant stream of wins and improvements for you to celebrate

Unlike some partners, we’re not just here to sit pretty and eat up your bucket of hours each month. We thrive on checking things off your to-do list and wowing you at each standup with everything we’ve completed since the last one. 

That’s what our Managed Services clients tell us they love most about working with Engagency. Each month, they can point to a concrete list of bugs we’ve fixed, enhancements we’ve made, and new features we’ve implemented.

We’re constantly working on stuff behind the scenes, which allows your team to shine and focus on the priorities that wow customers, bring in revenue, and get you that next promotion.

What can Sitecore Managed Services do for you?

“We’re not their only client, and yet, it feels like we are,” shared a website manager for ICF, one of our Managed Services clients. “It’s impressive to me that they don’t feel like an agency; Engagency feels like an extension of our team.”

Like they said, we’re here to be an extension of your team, however you need us. Learn more about our Sitecore Managed Services and schedule a time to talk today

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